acoimbra PokerStars Micro Millions 2 challenge

The acoimbra PokerStars Micro Millions 2 challenge of playing all 100 tournaments in the series has ended with the Team PokerStars Pro Andre Coimbra completing the challenge. How did he get on?

Andre Coimbra pokerstars micro millions 2 challenge

As Phil Ivey and Tom Dwann have shown during the WSOP sometimes crazy multi tabling tournaments over an intensive long period is not always the best ROI for your Bankroll and yourself.

acoimbra Micro Millions 2 challenge – was it worth it?

acoimbra won a total of $431.29 from the Micro Millions 2 tournaments he cashed in. He had to spend $403.03 in buyins and $37.84 in rake. So he is about evens after getting his PokerStars ‘we dont call it rakeback’ payments.

There was a total of $5 million guaranteed during the Micro Millions II series so he claimed his share of … not very much.

Andre Coimbra managed a recorded 57 hours 30 minutes of sleep during the 100 tournaments series that ran from 12th July to 22nd July. Thats an average of over 5 hours a day.

acoimbra PokerStars Micro Millions 2 challenge

You can watch Andre Coimbra’s final day youtube video summary of the challange. We would normally post the video so you can watch it but due to the PokerStars not very subtle “subliminal advertising” when discussing the hands we prefer not to.

We will leave the last thought to acoimbra who has also gained a load of Twitter followers.


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