Allen Le wins Manila Millions

Allen Le wins Manila Millions, the APT Super High Roller tournament, for the biggest win of his career so far!

In a great display of aggressive poker, taking risks, calling with live cards and pot odds, then using his image and a bit of blessing from the poker gods, Allen Le is the winner of the APT Manila Millions.

allen le winner manila millions asian poker tour apt tournament
Allen Le winner of Manila Millions (APT Super High Roller event)

The live feed showed Allen Le’s playing style to the watching poker world, who were likely to be supporting one of the other players like JC Tran, Phil Ivey or a local poker player.

pokerQ4 are pleased that Allen Le has won the Asian Poker Tour Manila Millions as we have been following Le during the tournament.

Allen Le wins Manila Millions with pocket Queens

Devan Tang has gone all-in and Allen Le with a quick look at his cards a huge smile appeared on his face – that has been on his face all day, no matter if called when bluffing, bad beats, or getting lucky but most importantly on the last hand of the APT Manila Millions – he laughed and said quickly he called. With pocket Queens!

allen le wins manila millions tournament super high roller apt event asian poker tour
Allen Le calls to win Manila Millions with QQ and a big smile

Devan Tang had K7 and the flop came down 8 A 4 4 A meaning Allen Le was the Manila Millions winner and a super lot richer and now a true super high roller!

allen le winning hand manila millions QQ pocket queens final hand apt


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