1st UK Super Casino opens – Aspers Casino London

The 1st UK Super Casino opens at Aspers Casino, Westfield Stratford City, London and the main star attraction for UK and English poker lovers, esepcially those living around London Town, is that the Aspers Super Casino has a 150 seater poker room.

The Aspers Casino is the 1st UK Super Casino to open so all eyes are on how it performs and how it especially effects the Casinos and business that are located around the Aspers Casino.

With the news that the Aspers Super Casino ‘only’ has a 150 seater poker room it appears that its not going to be a Super Poker Casino but it is going to be taking poker seriously.

aspers casino london super poker room tournaments cash games
Aspers Casino London -poker room for tournaments and cash games at the Super Casino

Insta Super Casino!

Normally in the UK you need to be a registered member of the Casino before you are allowed to play. At the Aspers Casino you are allowed to walk in and wander around without having to sign up to become a member.

This is a great new philosophy for Casino’s in the UK and is due to 2 factors – the Aspers Casino business model and the locations. They are concentrating on ‘Entertainment Betting’ which is fun betting for low stakes but high volumes of punters. The Casino is located in the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre which is one of the largest retail shopping centers in the UK and Europe.

Super Poker cash games and tournaments at Aspers Casino?

Aspers Poker – For those in the area or who fancy a trip to the first Super Casino in the UK there are nightly Texas Holdem poker tournaments and of course there will be cash games. There is no published poker tournament schedule at the moment.

New to poker or want someone else to help explain and tutor poker to a friend of yours? Then Aspers Casino say that they will tutor poker newbies – a Dealer will teach you the basics of poker.

Aspers Casino also offer what they call a ‘bespoke package’ so you can enjoy poker?


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