$1.5 million Baccarat winnings denied and lawsuits

It’s not poker news but amazing gambling news as a baccarat game in Golden Nugget Casino Atlantic City pays out $1.5 million due to unshuffled cards and the Casino sue the players!

Asian players love playing baccarat for some mystifying reason – as you don’t do anything other than bet on who will have the best hand between the Banker, you as the Player or a Tie with the Banker position rotating between the players – with monster sums normally being wagered. It was the traditional game shown in James Bond movies where nothing happens apart from the Dealer turning over cards and someone wins or loses a lot of money.

baccarat cheating james bond flims scandal lawsuit atlantic city

Baccarat has, for one of the most simplest of betting card games in a Casino, the most complicated rules of what the Dealer has to do depending on the cards being dealt. The whole baccarat thing is truly mystifying to most people.

mini-baccarat with monster baccarat winnings

These group of Chinese baccarat players were playing mini-baccarat, which is important in this case because in mini-baccarat the Banker position does not change so its the players against the Dealer/House. To their supposed surprise the same series of cards kept turning up. The card shuffling machine for 41 turns gave out the same unshuffled winning cards. The Chinese players upped their bets from $10 to $5,000. As you would do.

The Golden Nugget said it flooded the area with floor persons, managers, supervisors, surveillance and security officers, believing they were watching ‘a sophisticated swindling and cheating scheme’ in progress.

$1.5 million Baccarat  lawsuit Golden Nugget Casino Atlantic City chinese asian

The Golden Nugget Atlantic City has filed lawsuits against the baccarat players and also Gemaco Inc who either provided the faulty non card shuffling machine or lots and lots of packs of pre unshuffled cards.

‘From the beginning to the end of play, however, plaintiff could not identify any particular act of those players that actually constituted swindling and cheating,’ the casino wrote in its lawsuit.

Accordingly, it let nine of the players cash out $558,900 worth of chips. The other players still have $977,800 in chips that they have not yet cashed in.

They were Asian gang of baccarat players

The whole $1.5 million baccarat winnings lawsuit from the Atlantic City Casino does not seem to allege or have discovered any cheating by the innocent until proven guilty Asian baccarat players.

Three of the Golden Nugget gamblers have filed a counter-suit against the casino, alleging the gambling house discriminated against them based on their Chinese heritage.

The Golden Nugget values all of its customers and would never discriminate against anyone, including the Asian community,’ it said in a statement. ‘In fact, the Golden Nugget designed and built an Asian gaming area and restaurant to specifically attract Asian guests to the casino.


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