#Banned! #Gambling Ads Too Hot For TVs!

Banned! Gambling Ads Too Hot For TVs! There’s been a bit of a hoo-ha of late as far as gambling ads are concerned so we thought we’d bring you some of our faves. The most recent fuss has come about from 888 Poker’s latest commercial which apparently suggests a connection between ‘gambling, seduction and sexual prowess.

What the ASA don’t realise is that there is a link between gambling, seduction and sexual prowess. I was recently at a club near Hove Greyhound track and when I told the bird at the bar I’d put £5 quid on the 2 dog in the last she was all over me. I managed to give her nearly 35 seconds of hot loving (just under the track record!) but less pleased to tell that this Brighton beauty turned out to be a fella.

The transgendered community seem to be up in arms (and big hands) about this advert but they should be pleased about how passable some of them are. Or perhaps I’m drunk. Anyway Paddy Power are reknowned for funny ads and promos – this one never even made it on television.

Unlike some of the ladies in the first vid the girl in the next clip is definitely all woman.

And finally we return to the card game we love with a strip poker scene, enjoy!


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