Bitcoins poker sites

Bitcoin poker sites using the alternative Bitcoin ecurrency are few in number but sites taking or planning to take btc are growing. The available online poker sites vary greatly in what they can offer including Welcome Bonuses or promotions, rakeback and if you can play it on your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile.

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Bitcoin poker sites

The 2 main Bitcoin poker sites are SealsWithClubs and SwitchPoker.


SealsWithClubs are a fairly new poker site and the ‘largest’ of the online poker sites that only take Bitcoins. As there is basically only them with any player liquidity they rule! They have a Poker Manager or Promotions Manager who has a decent idea of what they are doing and for their size and uniqueness have some relatively good promotions.

Bitcoins poker sites - SealsWithClubs rakeback

SealsWithClubs rakeback – the only Bitcoin poker site with rakeback and it can be up to 50% with 2 ways to get that. Click for more information on SealsWithClubs rakeback (look for Krill Explanation and Table Starter Bonus).

The software is very basic compared to normal poker sites but that is not the main reason most people will be wanting to play Bitcoin poker. Especially if you are from the USA as SealsWithClubsPoker accept US players. The sign up process is also very anonymous as they do not even require an email.

SwitchPoker – mobile and Bitcoins poker site

SwitchPoker is a mobile device poker site that you can also play it from your laptop/PC from your web browser. SwitchPoker is now a Bitcoin poker site but they do not allow players from America to play. They have only cash games and no poker tournaments, unlike SealsWithClubs.

The software is smooth, looks good for its main functions which are mobile poker. SwitchPoker players can deposit using other methods like Skrill.

bitcoins poker sites switchpoker rakeback bonus sign up bitcoin curreny online welcome first deposit

SwitchPoker rakeback – they do not offer players rakeback but often run some great sign up bonuses and promotions. At the time of writing this review you can deposit with your Bitcoins and choose one of these sign up bonuses – €600 First Deposit Bonus, FREE iPod Touch or FREE iPad.


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  • Anonymous

    Do these sites support HEM?

  • no these bitcoin poker sites do not support PokerOffice, Hold’Em Manager (HEM) or PokerTracker 🙁

    the truth is that at the moment they do not have enough player liquidity for it worth these 3rd party software companies to develop support for them

  • Just wanted to tell you about a new bitcoin poker room
    No download required, hourly freerolls, also features micro/nano stakes. They have an affiliate program as well.

    Would be nice to see bitspoker listed as well. Cheers!