Bodog Anonymous tables player information revealed

Bodog Anonymous tables player information can be revealed using the PartyCrasher tool developed by HHSmithy.

Using this app you can see every Bodog Anonymous tables player ID meaning you can track their play and data mine this information.

It is also a massive security risk as you have the Bodogs login ID and could attempt to hack into their account or potentially use this info to get access to their account through the Bodog Customer Service.

The news that the player information on the Bodog Anonymous tables is not anonymous is bad enough but the security risks the system exposes are worse.

But perhaps even worse is that HHSmithy claim they took only 4 hours to discover how to make Bodogs Anonymous tables not anonymous.

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PartCrasher reveals anonymous tables player information on Party Poker and Bodog using this tool by HHSmithy


Bodog Anonymous tables hacked

The PartyCrasher tool allows its user to hack Bodog and Party Poker Anonymous tables. It reveals their ID so you can start to store and data mine their playing stats. Meaning you can still use player tracking software such as PokerTracker and Holdem Manager on the Bodog and Party Poker Anonymous tables!

By starting the PartyCrasher tool and opening up Bodog or Party Poker Anonymous cash tables the players ID and seat number is displayed. Bodog poker add a ‘1’ to the end of each Bodogs player ID to make it anonymous. Obviously there is a little bit more to the Bodog Anonymous tables system but if you can display the info then that is what you see.

Bodog poker anonymous tables are not anonymous as player info reveled by PartyCrasher hack tool
Bodog poker anonymous tables are not anonymous as player info reveled by PartyCrasher hack tool

How it works is explained further in the HHSmithy blog on Bodog’s All-Anonymous Tables: Security Through Obscurity. The HHSmithy video below on the Bodog Anonymous tables hack explains quickly the basics of what and how they reveal the supposedly anonymous player information.


Bodog and Party Poker not Anonymous tables – more information

You can read more from pokerQ4 about Party Poker and Bodog tables are not Anonymous!
More information from team that developed the Anonymous tables hack at the HHSmithy blog



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