Bodog have told their Spanish based players this week that they must do one. Bodog haven’t applied for a license in the soon to be regulated Spanish market & as a result may no longer accept their registrations or deposits.

Spain already has great weather, football, beer & women and they even produced the following video, possibly the greatest Eurovision entry ever. Being Bodog free is yet another positive!

By March 31st all existing Bodog accounts will be closed and players have until then to cash out. Bodog don’t seem to be welcome in many places at the moment and there are still serious questions to be answered about their current business strategy which includes the move to all anonymous tables.

Even the amendment to make recent hand histories available to those who want them is not enough to declare Bodog a safe place to play. Is such information really going to help anyone spot and report a collusion ring? It certainly will do nothing to help uncover the infestation of bots that currently rule all anonymous tables on every site that offers them.

So, yet another tick in the box for Spain and the Spanish, they might not be able to run their economy properly but they’ve given Bodog the boot and manage to continually annoy Daniel Negreanu with their lack of vegan options when he’s at the EPT Barcelona.

Daniel if you’re reading – the reason you struggle to find falafel joints is because along with the aforementioned great weather, women, beer and football they also eat great and real food. If we catch you in Barcelona next year how about you join us for a nice steak instead? Cheers!


Fredrik ‘Mr Popping’ Gustafsson – pops all around the world for his job helping to run easily the largest online poker network in Europe. He is the Mr Fraud and Security of said network – so if your name is not down on the list you are not coming in. And if it is on another list you are not coming in. When he is not Popping all over the place for work he likes nothing better than a good bit of Popping in his spare time.