Calvin Ayre indictment: his prediction comes true!

Calvin Ayre indictment by Maryland Feds is the latest “surprise” poker news to effect online poker. But the good news for Calvin Ayre is that at least it helps to prove one of his own poker predictions for 2012.

With the recent ‘cease and desist’ legal attack on the Everleaf network by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, how can this be a surprise for Calvin Ayre?

The surprise is that this indictment or action against him took so long. His or was his Bodog brand continuing to accept US players after 2006 and Calvin Ayre’s laughing in the face of the US Authorities was only risking trouble. No matter what you thought of the legal aspects of the whole US online poker scenario.

And how long now before Merge are subMerged? They confidently said they were totally legal and able to reenter the US market a few months ago. We thought it was strange for Merge to be so confident, unless they know something that the rest of the industry does not? How long before the saying ‘let them eat Cake’ has the same effect on the Cake Network as it had for those Frenchies who originally said it?

calvin ayre indicted seized by District of Maryland Feds
Calvin Ayre indicted by District of Maryland

Calvin Ayre may use legal jargon, separate brands and all sorts of things to say that he or Bodog are not involved with the US market anymore. Calvin Ayre may be absolutely correct that the US ban is illegal or that what he has done or is doing is 100% legal etc.

But from all the action by the DoJ since 2006 and Black Friday the US were not taking the stance of worrying if in the long run it may not be legal. And at the end of today their opinion was the one that Calvin Ayre had to take note of in the short term, not the long term views of your own lawyers.

Calvin Ayre … there will never be a dull moment

You have to admire Calvin Ayre for all that he has done and for standing up verbally and his company physically to the US DoJ. We have always felt though that you can mock the US for only so long before they finally find a way to get at you. Especially in this industry of all industries.

Calvin Ayre and others have had more than 20 seconds to comply.

Al Capone, the Prohibition Gangster, was finally done on Tax Evasion! Calvin Ayre, James Philip, David Ferguson and Derrick Maloney have been indicted with charges relating to conducting an illegal gambling business and a Money laundering conspiracy (scheme to processing US player payments).

In Calvin Ayre’s predictions for the online gambling industry in 2012 his last prediction was this

16. I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA: (Calvin Ayre rambling on about unknown product or thing that will change online poker in 2012 before saying) … I’ll leave you with one more prediction, and this one comes with a 100% money-back guarantee: there will never be a dull moment in this industry we all love!

Although Calvin Ayre may not have seen his indictment coming hopefully at the end of the year he may be able to call this indictment a glitch.


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