Everleaf Player Funds Seizure

Everleaf Player Funds – In one of online poker’s more disgraceful episodes, the humble online poker player has once again been dealt a devastating bad beat, this time at the hands of Everleaf gaming and U.S. Department of Homeland Security, as it was confirmed through a press release yesterday that Everleaf Player Funds have been seized by yet another U.S. Govt. agency.

On February 9th, players residing in the US, ready for a day’s poker action, attempted to log into their respective Everleaf skins, but computer said no. The abject silence in the 16 days since Everleaf Gaming’s sharp exit from the US market has been truly deafening.

Now, after 2 and a half weeks of Everleaf top-brass sitting in the Everleaf Gaming boardroom saying ‘what the fuck are we gonna do?’ to one another, somebody thought it prudent to let the players know what was going on.

To this end Everleaf released the following statement on the poker press wires late last night:

As has been reported, certain funds maintained by one of our payment processors to be distributed to U.S. customers were seized by U.S. authorities. To our knowledge, the U.S. authorities seized these funds and blocked the transactions based on purported violations of certain U.S. laws, including operating an illegal money transmitting business, the Wire Act, and money laundering. Evidence relative to the subject can be reviewed from the attached papers.

Please be advised that this seizure occurred in the United States and only affects U.S. players.

In view of the above, Everleaf will no longer accept U.S. players. Nonetheless, Everleaf reiterates and wants to reassure all the effected players that all the funds will be refunded in full and the effected parties will be contacted in a short while accordingly.

For the other markets we operate in and with regards to all our other players we want to reassure you that nothing has changed and thank you for the continued business with our Company.

We sincerely apologize for the lack of communication to date, but as a Company we were still trying to find our feet and assessing the situation at hand and how to best protect the interest of all the effected parties.

Are you fucking kidding me? “We sincerely apologize for the lack of communication to date, but as a Company we were still trying to find our feet”. Fuck you, you arrogant pricks. You took the money quick enough, and for as long as you could, didn’t you? And now you want to apologise for a lack of communication, as thousands of your customers were left holding their dicks, wondering what the fuck what was going on?

At this stage it’s not clear just how much is owed to US players but, large or small, and it’s likely to be substantial, players can take some small comfort from the fact that the Maltese LGA require that player funds be segregated in a holding account, separate from company operating capital, so the question is not if you will get your money back, but when

Shame on the U.S. Government for their relentless pursuit of an honest pastime of the honest working man, and shame on Everleaf Gaming for their flagrant disregard of the players – players that are at the heart of yet another player funds seizure scandal with no word on when their cash will be forthcoming.


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