FTP Relaunch – Tournaments (cont)

Welcome back to FTP week. Yesterday we brought you news of Full Tilt Poker’s enormous tournament plans for relaunch and our analysis of them. Today we’ll see whether bigger actually means better.

We don’t recall a lot of people having many problems with the old Full Tilt Poker tourney schedule. After all they had the best software and at the time unique features such as Rush, Multi Entry, and Cashout tournaments among others. Complaints, as with Pokerstars now, seemed to centre on playing times and payouts.

Iron Man constitution

Once an event reached a certain number of players, an issue exacerbated by Multi Entry tournaments in fact, you knew you were in for a 12, 16 or sometimes 20+ hour slog to make the final table. Not only that but the experience of beating 20,000 players or so just to double up or worse was just incredibly tilting, if you’ll forgive the pun. As for the new schedule the most popular events from the old schedule will remain but these two big problems from before will be addressed.

Not a risk at the new FTP

1st Amendment – Cashout tournaments

With the relaunch every major Full Tilt MTT will be a cashout tournament, but with a difference. Once each tournament reaches a specific time late at night it will pause, with a resumption time of 24 hours after its start. Those unwilling or unable to return for the restart will be given the option to cashout at an as yet undetermined equity rate with their chips being removed from the event. This places the emphasis on actual poker skill once more rather than endurance as seen on other sites.

2nd Amendment – Pay him… Pay that man his money

The second amendment will come to the payouts. Payouts will remain deep in a lot of cases but for bigger events this will no longer be to the detriment of the rewards for making the latter stages. Quite how this will be managed we’re not totally sure yet but anyone who has managed to final table the Pokerstars Sunday Million and barely scrape 5 figures will surely appreciate this. On a side note, Full Tilt, as opposed to Pokerstars it seems, are acutely aware that they will be primarily Euro focused and not USA based upon relaunch and the new tournament schedule will reflect this.

Tomorrow we look at the cash game changes and on Thursday we’ll be looking at Rush Poker.

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