Full Tilt Poker Relaunch: Tournaments

Welcome to the start of the Full Tilt Poker Week and today pokerQ4 are exclusively taking you through the new FTP Tournaments during their relaunch.

If our sources are true then a lot of thought and investment has clearly gone into the new FTP Tournament schedule and we can see why. The big numbers are all we’ve been privy to thus far but when we say big we mean big. So when you log back in on day one and see your old bankroll waiting for you to withdraw you’ll also see that Full Tilt are offering $1 Million in added tournaments in the first week!

Full Tilt Poker tournaments: $1 Million Added 500,000 relaunch new
Full Tilt Poker tournaments: relaunching FTP with $1 Million Added

$1 Million Added

Whether this is for the opening week only or an ongoing concern we are not sure at this stage but with a nightly $50,000 added tourney, among others, and a Sunday blockbuster of $500,000 added (!) even PokerStars will struggle to compete. This might sound crazy at a glance but our analysis later today will show that this could prove to be highly successful.

FTP are making a huge statement with this and their intent is clear – withdraw when they reopen and you will miss out on some of the best value promotions that have ever run.

We at pokerQ4 are owed a considerable amount of cash ourselves from Full Tilt Poker but as good Catholic boys even we will struggle to withdraw with this kind of promotion.

FTP $1,000,000 Added Satellite Delight

While this colossal spend is going to take a hell of a lot of recouping we do see some sense in it. It’s our understanding that satellites will run day and night to all these biggies from freerolls and nano stakes upwards and, as a strategy to stop players of all levels withdrawing, we’re confident that it will work for a lot of people.

full tilt poker satellites tournaments ftp $1 million added 500,000
Full Tilt Poker satellites

It’s also clear from the level of investment that Full Tilt Poker have no intention of gently dipping a toe back into the water. They are blatantly looking to smash their way back into the poker market place and grab the dominant share right from the off.

Give yourself some time to get your breath back from that little lot and we’ll see you later today with pokerQ4 Consultancy’s analysis.

On Tuesday we’ll see whether bigger tournaments mean better tournaments with the new Full Tilt Poker and on Wednesday we’ll talk about the cash games.

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