Google Glasses – live poker HUD?

Google Glasses (Project Glass) is Googles attempt at glasses with HUD and AR (Augmented Reality) What will Google Glasses mean for poker, both online and live?

Will Google Glasses eventually allow online poker HUD’s to be displaying their information direct to the players? Allowing for poker HUDs to be used on your mobile devices if the larger information is being shown through the glasses.

And what could it do for live poker? For the players, the Tournament Director and Dealers? Will we have live poker HUDs?

Live PokerTracker HUD?

Will Google Glasses mean that players at live poker tournaments and cash games could use them for a live PokerTracker HUD? If the software can recognise the cards or you can inform it of players folding habits or VPIP (Voluntarily Put money In Pot) etc.

Will casino’s allow players to wear them at the tables if they can do this and other features?

Google Glasses and poker Online and live poker HUD?
Google Glasses and poker - Online and live poker HUD?

live InsuredPlay

With live poker offering plenty of pauses and opportunities to delay the dealing of the cards would you be able to get live InsuredPlay odds when involved in a live cash game at your local casino?


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