High Pulse Poker launches with crazy cash game action – get down with the sickness!

High Pulse Poker launches with a very high pulse rate when playing the crazy cash game due to the insane action created by the €750,000 launch promotions.

High Pulse Poker seeded and invested money into the site to guarantee a very successful launch today. The moment High Pulse Poker converted €750,000 of Beta winnings into real money cash the players swamped the cash tables and created insane crazy cash game action.

€0.20/€0.50 tables are regularly AVERAGING around €50 per pot! There is a large number of tables available around the lower to middle stakes and with mad cash game action like that on the High Pulse Poker tables you do not need to play at the higher stakes.

high pulse poker cash games fish action tables crazy insane ring
High Pulse Poker cash games - fish and crazy action!

As the site only launched this afternoon this has to be one of the most successful poker start up launches of recent times. Lots of tables full of insane cash game action and it is only the afternoon in Europe. Imagine the action that will be happening on the cash tables when everyone gets home from work!

Sign up now with High Pulse Poker to get down with the sickness and for this once in a lifetime opportunity to get your share of the madness and money being thrown around on the cash tables. Remember to use Referral code pokerq4 to get down with the sickness!

High Pulse Poker

As a High Pulse Poker player you will also be your own affiliate! Click here to read more about this in our High Pulse Poker review.

high pulse poker cash games crazy action
High Pulse Poker cash games - crazy action!

The action is even hotter than the cash table madness when playing on the Enet poker network at such sites as AK Poker Club or 4Donk!


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