High Pulse Poker – freerolls and free money frenzy

High Pulse Poker is a brand new poker site where you can get your share of the freerolls and free money frenzy and poker players can be their own affiliate!

High Pulse Poker has been busy giving away a total of 750,000 euros in its amazing launch promotions, freerolls and leaderboards. There is still time to get your share of this free money before High Pulse Poker convert all funds won into real euros on November 15th.

The launch idea behind High Pulse Poker is simple. Give out 3/4 million euros to players before you launch and then when you launch you have a massive player database. More so than most sites launching.

Rumours suggest that High Pulse Poker have at least 30,000 or more players with funds already in their accounts. All champing at the bit to start playing for real money. As most people know playing with someone elses money makes players a bit more looser and care free, so it may be a great opportunity for a real money feeding frenzy.

high pulse poker freerolls 750000 tournaments free money promotions
High Pulse Poker freerolls over 750,000 euros will be given away

High Pulse Poker freerolls and free money

High Pulse Poker freerolls and free money promotions are running all day during this launch period, with freerolls starting at least every 15 minutes. From €1, to €250 to series of €2000 freerolls that you qualify for through satellites. The freerolls have been running a while now and will continue after the launch.

High Pulse Poker

All the money you win in these freerolls and free money promotions will be exchanged into real money on November 15th. If you want to cash out your winnings all you need to do is make a small deposit so the site has somewhere to cash out your money to.

Sign up now with High Pulse Poker to grab your share of the free money frenzy freerolls and remember to use referral code pokerq4.

high pulse poker freerolls freemoney
High Pulse Poker freerolls and free money promotions

US players welcome? US players can take part in the massive freeroll giveaways and win Beta money (as its not real money yet) but how Americans can cash it out is not clear.

High Pulse Poker software review

The High Pulse Poker software is easy on the eye and different, small touches show that care, thought and money has gone into it. Little things are different, like the cards appearing out of the ether.It is easy to see whose turn it is and the cards are bright and easy to see. When playing tournaments the basic tournament information is in the screen which is great.

high pulse poker review software playing touranments cash games
High Pulse Poker review - software

It is still in Beta mode so things are being improved and added all the time but there is not much wrong for the launch software.

Be your own affiliate!

Every player who signs up for High Pulse Poker is automatically their own affiliate. Any player who signs up through you will be your sub affiliate and any player they sign up will be a sub sub affiliate of yours etc.

How easy is it to be your own High Pulse Poker affiliate?

You do not need to be a webmaster or a poker affiliate guru, you just need to get your poker friends to sign up using your referral code and you will earn money from them! You create your own affiliate code in the High Pulse Poker client. And that is not all, if you do have your own affiliate website or poker blog then you can also just copy and paste the banner code from your poker client.


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