I Want In #WSOP 2012?

Countries accuse each other of being behind the times and certainly poker players accuse certain other countries of being way behind the poker times but for a poker site to do this and at such an important time usually means that someone has, to borrow a certain countries phraseology, dropped their balls.

There was an immense campaign where WSOP.co.uk managed to find the worst actors or poker players who wanted to be actors possible. This was their award winning I Want In WSOP 2012 advertising campaign.

To try to make it watchable they included lots of eye candy, in fact the Casting Director seemed to have misheard his brief and made sure that every actor was a tit. Or was the Casting Director a double agent working for PokerStars? Unless it was a case of poker care in the community?

Such was its success that WSOP.com (Caesars Entertainment Corporation) decided to either build on it or save themselves some money this year. The WSOP.co.uk site is still being driven to the top of the player liquidity league by having the stars of the advert on the site. And if you login to the WSOP.com site this year from the UK you may be greeted with a familiar banner.

i want in wsop 2012 banner uk

If you log in from a US address you seem to get the actual proper live WSOP.com site and banners. God bless Geotargeting and all who sail in her.

wsop.com 2013 home page

Or was the 2012 WSOP the absolute pinnacle of WSOPs so forget this year, its last year that sells?

And although no one cares and it makes no difference to the world – apart from to Caesars conversions and profits – what a funny fuck up during what may perhaps be a busy period for the WSOP.com site … or is it a bit of 5 level thinking poker marketing genius?


Zak ‘PenFold’ Vella – Our expert of all things Maltese and Italian. One of the main people responsible for opening up the Italian market and bringing the joys of Enetpoker Network to the rest of the world. For which one day Zak will be knighted. Also known in the Content writing business as ‘Mr Google Translate’ as he can speak and write in more languages than it can.