ipoker bots – playtech (WilliamHill) and ipoker (Titan) approved?

ipoker bots and a poker bot site affiliate are they playtech (William Hill Poker) and ipoker (Titan Poker) officially approved?

The site purely-poker.com advertises poker bots and appears to especially promote and be endorsed by William Hill Poker, with Titan Poker and Carbon Poker also being affiliated and having their banners on this poker bot site.

When did William Hill Poker, Titan Poker and Carbon Poker look at the site and approved it? Have they ever tried to stop this bot site from promoting them?

Is purely-poker a direct affiliate, a sub affiliate or a sub-sub affiliate etc? Have they gone rogue or have William Hill Poker and Titan Poker just ignored any issue with them, as poker bots create rake and liquidity for the ipoker network, which they own or run?

The WayBackMachine is an immense tool that visits as many pages and sites on the internet as it can and stores what the site looked like, back in the day. This means you can normally track content changes, site updates and new affiliates being advertised on a site.

It shows that TitanPoker has been advertised on this bot site for 4 years!

purely poker bots titanpoker noble approved ipoker proved sanctioned legal
purely-poker.com bots - TitanPoker, NoblePoker banners. Bots approved by these sites?

Feb 2006

On 19 Feb 2006 the WayBackMachine shows that purely-poker had started to add poker bot content. The actual Poker Bot review page was first captured on 8th Feb 2006.

purely poker bots software ipoker endorsed approved evidence affilaites sites
purely-poker.com bots software content added 19 Feb 2006

Before that purely-poker had been a normal (for then) poker affiliate site. At that time WayBackMachine show purely-poker advertising PokerRoom and RoyalVegasPoker banners.

As you click through the dates you can see poker sites that PurelyPoker have been affiliated to, especially with the advertising banners. At the start these also include 888, Poker and NoblePoker.

March 2007

purely poker bots titanpoker noble approved ipoker proved sanctioned legal
purely-poker.com bots - TitanPoker, NoblePoker banners. Bots approved by these sites?

On 21 March 2007 you can see the first TitanPoker banner on the purely-poker.com site that has poker bot content and is actively promoting poker bots. TitanPoker have even given the affiliate their own bonus code PPOKER06.

At this time purely-poker has been promoting bots for over 1 year.This was over 4 years ago. Other sites being promoted on this poker bot affiliate site at this time include Noble Poker, Ultimate Bet, The Gaming Club, Paradise Poker, The PokerRoom, Absolute Poker and River Belle.

888poker (Pacific Poker) shortly afterwards also have an affiliate banner advertising on the home page. This banner lasts for a long while.

Have TitanPoker not ever been made aware of the poker bot nature of this site since 2007? Had they not checked the content of the site in the previous year before signing them up? Can TitanPoker defend themselves in this matter or have any evidence or explanation on how they are associated with a site for at least 4 years while it promotes poker bots?

TitanPoker is still being advertised on the poker bot site today.

Dec 2008

The updated purely-poker site gives this poker bot affiliate site a new look and some new sponsors who seem to love poker bots. CDPoker and PokerSchool banners are now being shown. Why else would you approve them as an affiliate or have your banner on there for long?

Unless purely-poker put them up there without sites knowing? But then wouldn’t the poker sites just stop any rev share payments, so it would be pointless for the affiliate to keep advertising them? Unless the software is some sort of scam and puts in spyware on your computer?

TitanPoker is still being advertised on this poker bot affiliate site, this is now nearly 2 years later since the site updated its content to include poker bots.


Not much content change but at least TitanPoker are still being advertised on the site. It is now 3 years that TitanPoker have been affiliated with purely-poker.

What are the odds? WilliamHill becomes partners/owns playtech in 2008 and WilliamHillPoker joins ipoker in 2009. Then advertised on an ipoker bot site?

WilliamHillPoker are a late comer to the purely-poker bot site party. Before 2009 they had not been affiliated or advertised on purely-poker. Then in 2008 cam the new that William Hill Online was to be created, where William Hill and playtech combined. William Hill Poker is then set to join the ipoker network in early 2009.

Unfortunately the WayBackMachine does not do much capturing of the purely-poker site during 2009. The last for the poker bot page is in March 2009 and Feb 2009 for the home page.

The first capture of the pokerbot.htm page in 2010 (24 March) shows a new affiliate banner for williamhill.com that redirects people to williamhill. Who happen to own or be partners of playtech, who supply the software and run the ipoker network for ipoker.

The full banner image is not shown due to how it was and is linked at the time to williamhill. You can see the redirect link in the bottom left hand corner when you hover over the “Best Online Poker!” text.

purely poker bots ipoker williamhillpoker approved offical affiliate site
purely-poker.com bots site - WilliamHillPoker (playtech) approved?

Below is the SEO for purely-poker poker bot review page at the time and it is still the SEO they are using now.

< title >Poker Bot Poker Robot Reviews< /title >
< meta name=”Description” content =”Poker Bots or poker Robots, we review them here.they are around and getting better. So whatever your opinions of them, why not see how good they actually are here.” / >
< meta name=”Keywords” content=”Poker bot, Poker Robot, holdem memory, pokibot, online pokibot, winholdem review, holdem memory review” / >

Evidence or proof of ipoker/playtech poker bot approval?

Does the information shown above and in the other 3 pokerQ4 articles on ipoker bot (WILLIAM HILL POKER BOT SCANDAL?, ipokerbots evidence on free-pokerbot-site.com (William Hill affiliate) ? and Purely Poker bots on ipoker?) show evidence of unofficial official approval of ipoker bots by the sites and companies that run the ipoker network?

Or, does it hopefully show, that there is nothing you can do to stop some affiliate sites if they want to advertise anything, including if its poker bots?

It has to be said that the timing of WilliamHillPoker being advertised stinks. Also how are TitanPoker still being advertised on this bot site after 4 years?

It would be good if William Hill Online or WilliamHillPoker or WilliamHill or playtech or TitanPoker or ipoker or whoever or whatever they want could explain to the poker world what has happened during and since they have found out they are linked to affiliate sites promoting poker bots on the ipoker network?


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