ipoker bots scandal – in the open and in the Terms and Conditions

ipoker bots being used by the ipoker network and on its skins such as Willian Hill Poker, Paddy Power Poker and others is being discussed at the moment on various poker forums but it is not new news.

In fact its in the ipoker Terms and Conditions you sign up to and agree when playing on the ipoker network, that the ipoker network (or skins?) can use their own ipoker bots.

Is this latest evidence of ipoker bots a fact? Some screenshots show “ipoker bot771101″ chatting which they could do with keyword trigger software but why would ipoker program them to chat when they are clearly named as a bot? Innocent until proven guilty is a seemingly dying idea nowadays and pokerQ4 will attempt to explain what could possibly have happened if it was a human player and not an ipoker bot (see buttom of this article).

Does the ipoker network use and deploy bots to increase player liquidity, games and increase their profits? Are the ipoker bots only in tournaments? The named and obvious ipoker bots would appear to be only for tournaments but what is to stop some rogue ipoker bots being deployed to help increase the cash cow that are cash games rake?

The Microgaming Poker Network allow players to use their own version of poker bot software, although it is different to a bot it shows that some poker networks do not seem to have the same concerns as players. With all the poker financial and cheating scandals going on at the moment is the love of money the root of all evil? Is there any good left in any poker business?

William Hill TERMS OF USE OF THE SERVICES in games offered via the Website which benefit from more players or greater liquidity we may deploy electronic players (known as robots, and whose usernames will be “bot”) who are pre-programmed to play and join in with the game in order to assist the liquidity or the number of players gaming although we will not use bots without making such usage clear to You; and

ipoker bots william hill terms and conditions paddy powwer t&cs

ipoker bots on William Hill Poker, Paddy Power Poker etc in your Terms and Conditions

What appears to be clearly against the ipoker network policy is normal players using their own poker bots. As seen in section 11.5.3 in the (ipoker T&C’s) William Hill TERMS OF USE OF THE SERVICES.

11.5.3 an “unfair advantage” shall include, without limitation, the exploitation of a fault, loophole or error in our or any third party’s software used by You in connection with the Services (including in respect of any game), the use of automated players (‘bots’), or the exploitation by You, to the disadvantage of us or other players of an ‘Error’ as defined in paragraph 18.1.

ipoker bots on ipoker skins such as William Hill Poker, Paddy Power Poker etc ?

It would appear, if the chat history (shown below) on the forum discussions is true, combined with the ipoker bots T&C’s then ipoker bots are allowed to play on the ipoker network but not on skins own exclusive tournaments and games. Or at least ipoker bots are not allowed to play on Paddy Power Poker exclusive tournaments but with ipoker being a network the network policy will normally apply to all sites. Although TitanPoker may get away with some things as TitanPoker are owned by the ipoker network.

But according to the ipoker Terms and Conditions that its players have signed and agreed to ipoker are not doing anything wrong by using ipoker bots. In the games the ipoker bots were clearly defined as bots with names such as bot771101.

The fact that the ipoker skin could not access the hand history of bot771101 would suggest that it is an ipoker bot and not a skin bot but with most poker networks skins are not allowed to view detailed history of other skins players, such as their pocket cards, unless the hand goes to the river.

Player: im busy but im really surprised about the terms and conditions and the fact that his name is bot.

Paddy Power Poker Support: Okay I can see bot771101 playing on the table with you. I would like to apologise for my earlier statemement saying we do not allow bots I was under the impression that we did not but that is only true for paddy power exclusive tournaments or games. I do apologise for the confusion but that was a bot you were playing against. I am sorry for the delay but I had to confirm it.

ipoker bots paddypower support confirmation

ipoker bots - Paddy Power Poker support confirmation during chat - part 1

Player: oh okay so im alittle bit confused about the fact that now even bots are allowed but hey i can beat bots though
Paddy Power Poker Support: i will admit this came as a bit of a surprise to me to. And at the end of the day it is the best hand that wins. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Player: i have one last question i try to program a bot by myself and i asked myself if theres a real bot from the site can i also play with a bot? with my own bot?
Paddy Power Poker Support: Sorry a bit confusion there. Are you asking could you play with your own bot at the table with yourself?
Player: yeah exactly with my own bot am i allowed? im a student
Paddy Power Poker Support: You are not allowed ot be at the same table with your own bot as you have access to two hands and is a form of collusion
Player: not at two tables i mean if i sit down and run my bot and look at it?
Paddy Power Poker Support: There should not be a problem with that

ipoker network bots tournaments scandal

ipoker network bots scandal - paddy power chat - part 2

Player: not at two tables i mean if i sit down and run my bot and look at it?
Paddy Power Poker Support: There should not be a problem with that
Player: because if the site allowes bots you can program your own bot? wow thanks for the information

poker bots scandal ipoker network proof paddy power william hill ipoker

poker bots scandal on the ipoker network proof? Paddy Power Poker chat - part 3

ipoker bot771101 or human player?

Although Paddy Power Support (if true) seems to have confirmed that bot771101 is an ipoker bot what if there has been a human error? William Hill Poker is also meant to have confirmed this but it is in German. To give some balance to the article for ipoker here is what may have happened. We should find out the truth soon enough.

The Paddy Power Support while confirming bot771101 was an ipoker bot also said that the player could use his own poker bot, as long as they were not on the same table. This has to be against the ipoker T&C’s for player poker bots, as the ’11.5.3′ quote above shows.

Is this a player whose poker alias has slipped through the screening process? Player names can be automatically banned but you can not ban everything, so some aliases do and always will get through. Is it a player having a laugh and winding other poker players up?

ipoker bots scandal bot771107 chat william hill poker

ipoker bots scandal and bot771107 'chat' on William Hill

The supposed ipoker bot771101 chat of “i knew u d like it :( could be a player typing it in?

The Paddy Power Support may not have been able to view bot771101 details if they were on another skin, such as William Hill, and with the surprise news to them that the ipoker network did allow bots they may have jumped to the conclusion that it had to be a ipoker bot. Especially if ipoker confirmed that they do allow the use of network bots in the T&C’s but not neccesarily that bot771101 was an ipoker bot. As the Customer Support confirmed you were allowed to use your own software poker bot on the network they may have got some of the information wrong.

Are ipoker bots Terms and Conditions really meant for its skill games, much like the Game Account Network?

Game Account bots – you choose to play against a network bot

The Game Account network not only allows bots it they are used openly to give players a game and to help with liquidity. You can play against bots in all sorts of games such as Backgammon, Blackjack and other skill games. This is not an issue as it is all part of the service and you can choose not to play against the bots.

With the ipoker bots scandal that is finally erupting you do not really have a choice. How can you move tables away from an ipoker bot if you are in the middle of an online poker tournament? Even though the ipoker bots are obviously named and you have agreed to the ipoker Terms and Conditions, you have not really agreed to play against them in a tournament.

Would you want to or agree in a live tournament to play against a poker bot?

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