iPoker to lower Fixed Limit rake

Great news for Fixed Limit fans

For those of you still reading after seeing the Fixed Limit phrase, no, they haven’t found a cure for Bipolar disorder, however… pokerQ4.com understands that iPoker will shortly announce it is to reduce the rake in it’s Fixed Limit cash games.

They currently charge 5% across the board for their Fixed Limit, with a $1 cap at micro-stakes and up to $5 at the top end.

Under the new structure, however, that will be reduced 3.33% for $1/$2 and below and a mouth-watering 2.5% for $2/$4 and above, as well as drastically lower caps at all stake levels.

over the limit - ipoker Fixed Limit Holdem rake reduction promotions
Over the limit? - ipoker Fixed Limit Holdem rake reduction and FLH promotions

iPoker Fixed Limit Rake Structure Change Comparison:

fixed limit holdem rake structure ipoker fl over the limit
Fixed Limit Holdem rake structure ipoker - old rake % for FLH
flh fixed limit holdem rake structure ipoker new over the limit
Fixed Limit Holdem rake - ipokers new lower rake structure - under or over the limit?

Over the limit

Have iPoker gone Over the limit or under the limit? This is clearly a move designed to attract recreational players to Fixed Limit Cash – a game where iPoker can expect to make more rake vs. the No Limit game due to the fact that its harder for the fish to go broke and more flops are seen, thus more rake is taken per customer.

This will also go some way to tackling the alleged bot issue on iPoker as a lower rake makes it less viable for a Fixed Limit rakeback bot, due the reduced rakeback.

over the limit ipoker promotions fixed flh
Over The Limit ipoker promotion for Fixed Limit Holdem (FLH)

To support this move iPoker are also rolling out a promotion called ‘Over the limit’ on Monday 31st October designed specifically for Fixed Limit cash game players, that will see $100,000 in cash and tournament tokens given away over 6 weeks via a multitude of leaderboards to suit all stakes and bankrolls.


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