Isildur1 back this weekend on Poker Stars and wins $1.5 million!

Isildur1 (Viktor Blom) was back this weekend on Poker Stars and wins over $1.5 million!

Isildur1 crazy PLO action is back on Poker Stars and the Isildur1 story continues as he demolishes the High Stakes PLO games over the weekend when he won over $1.5 million

Isildur1 is feared for his aggression and skills at Heads Up NLH but has lost most of what he won at NLH on the PLO tables. Isildur1 has been MIA for the last few months on Poker Stars but has come back in a blaze of glory like Halleys Comet coming back into the poker worlds skies.

Isildur1’s victims over his stunning weekend were Brian Townsend ( aba20) who he won over $180,000 from, then the mysterious Fake Love888 (Patrik Antonius?) who he won over $110,00 from and Phil Galfond (MrSweets28) where Isildur1 found his most willing victim and won over $400,000 from.

Isildur1 did lose one $100,000 pot to Phil Galfond when he flopped quad sevens and paid for slow playing ‘the nuts’ in PLO. Phil Galfond had the set of tens on the flop and hit quads on the river!

isildur1 viktor blom poker stars wins over 1 million omaha plo
Isildur1 (Viktor Blom) wins over $1.5 million this weekend on Poker Stars playing Omaha (PLO)


Isildur1 Kills Phil … Galfond

Has Isildur1 been chilling out over the last few months when he was Missing In Action online at Poker Stars? Was he learning on BlueFirePoker from Phil Galfond? With the news that Phil was no longer going to be involved with BlueFirePoker and Phil’s head may not have been in the right place did Viktor Blom decide that the time was right to come back into the spot light and Kill Phil?

The poker news that Isildur1 (Viktor Blom) is back on the High Stakes cash game tables is great news for everyone involved in poker. Without Phil Ivey on the public tables and the Full Tilt action not happening poker needs any good poker news and action it can get. Isildur1 has proved the biggest non Black Friday news story in the last couple of years.

Will the return of the poker action King mean no Christmas presents for families of other online poker pros this Christmas or will Isildur1 do an Isildur1 and gift it all back and more?


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