ISPT Wembley – epic (poker tour) failure

ispt wembley 2013 The ISPT Wembley Main Event tournament has finally stopped all the rebuys/reentries and have an overlay of nearly €600,000!

This comes as no surprise to anyone after various poker news sites investigated and analysed the business model and found it to be wanting. Then with all the various back tracking over the non guaranteed guaranteed prize pool we all it was in trouble. Even the sponsored pros who backed it or got paid to back it (Michael Mizrachi, Liz Lieu, Sam Trickett, David Benyamine …)

But for those who got through to the later stages of the main event the ISPT Wembley Main Event represents nearly unheard of value for a live tournament. The ISPT Wembley really should have been sponsored by the old Mansion Poker.

ispt wembley 2013The ISPT Wembley was always going to be a not guaranteed guaranteed failure after they set it up so high. If only they had started lower, not booked it for sunny London when the WSOP 2013 was live

So for those still in it fill your boots up and enjoy it while it doesn’t last.

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