Jonathan Duhamel house invasion money found

Jonathan Duhamel who endured a house invasion, a couple of severe beatings and then the theft of his WSOP Main Event winners bracelet, a Rolex to mark the occasion and lots of cash has now received the good news that some of his stolen money has been found and returned.

The thieves stole over $150,000 worth of cash in various currencies including 500 Euro notes which of course you can easily spend or exchange in any Canadian shop without raising suspicion after Canada’s 1st or 2nd most famous poker players house invasion and beating was all over the news.

As we suggested before the criminals would have a very hard job of selling on anything unusual that they got, which is why one of them when arrested by the police was wearing the engraved Rolex!

The police received another anonymous tip that helped their investigations into where the missing money was. The last one was an anonymous tip of who was involved in the house invasion that came at the same time as his ex girlfriend Bianca Rojas-Latraverse was spilling the beans and perhaps saving Jonathan Duhamel some of the reward money he offered after the house invasion.

About $80,000 in an envelope was discovered by Police in a Longueuil mailbox. All in all the Jonathan Duhamel house invasion and subsequent events has shown that these thieves were not the brightest of poker criminals and deserve to be found on the pokerQ4 poker crime news pages.

jonathan duhamel house invasion robbery beating 2011
Jonathan Duhamel house invasion and beating but $80,000 now found


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