Manila Millions FT – Allen Le in top 3

On the Manila Millions Final Table Allen Le is now in the top 3 and seems to be playing and taking advantage of a very loose and aggressive style.

Having done some big pre flop bluffs and having to show the bluff when called he is also getting paid when he does have it. Le is also calling with pot odds and gambling to take it down with a shorter stack than the others.

asian poker tour manila millions allen le

Will Allen Le go all the way in this Super High Roller tournament? Will it be Allen Le the winner of the Manila Millions?

Allen Le has looked down …

After all his great play, crazy play, bluffs Allen Le has looked down and …

allen le manila millions
Allen Le on Manila Millions FT - I've looked down ...
apt super high roller manila devan tang
What has he got? I have an Ace ...
allen le wins manila millions
and I call your All ins! Oh Happy Day!
allen le winner apt manila millions
And Allen Le is the winner of this hand - even happier day


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