Manila Millions update: Phil Ivey aura and Allen Le 72 bluff

The Manila Millions live feed is up and running at the moment for this APT Super High Roller tournament. Thanks to Ustream you can see the action happening and really hear all the action.

The coverage is decent enough but the noise of the dealers, the droning of the english commentator and the background noise of the chips is perhaps a bit much. But at least you know what is happening and how the tournament sounds.

phil ivey super high roller manila millions apt asian poker tour
Phil Ivey at the APT Manila Millions

Phil Ivey’s Manila Millions aura

Phil Ivey is said to have a special poker aura about him and on Ivey’s last table that was especially so. Imagine having to face the infamous Phil Ivey stare with this backdrop going on!

manila millions live feed apt asian poker tour phil ivey super high roller tournament event
Phil Ivey aura at the Manila Millions

Allen Le running the 72 bluff

This great hand came along when Allen Le running the 72 bluff against Lui Jun Wei managed to at least turn it into a 72 semi bluff on the river. The images below show Lui Jun Wei.

asian poker tour manila millions 72 apt super high roller event hand bluff allen le
72 bluff against Lui Jun Wei by Allen Le
manila millions allen le 72 bluff
Manila Millions Allen Le 72 semi bluff against Lui Jun Wei

Did Lui Jun Wei call on the river? Yes.


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