nanonoko (Randy Lew) World Record attempt. Who cares?

nanonoko (Randy Lew) World Record attempt appears to only be a very poor attempt to get publicity for PokerStars and nanonoko.

Firstly it was blazed across the internet forums and poker news sites that nanonoko was going to break a Guinness World Record. Then when you read the big print they had not even worked out what the World Record attempt would be but wanted poker players to help choose it on 2+2 forum.

Now we have the news of what the World Record attempt will be and when it is but even the details are laughable.

It is not even a World Record it is to create a world record. Wow.

nanonoko randy lew world record most hands played
nanonoko (Randy Lew) world record attempt - who cares? But what about the future attempts?

nanonoko will be attempting to play as many hands as he can in an 8 hour period on Sunday and remain profitable. PokerStars cash game players are limited to 24 cash tables but for the world record attempt they will increase his limit. They have not said what they will increase it to though.

My guess is that as the cap on the max number of cash tables are going to be increased he will play more hands in that time than anyone else before.

There was a Pole Vault specialist back in the 80’s who was the best and kept breaking the World Record. In training it was known that he could jump at least a foot higher than the World Record. He once admitted in an interview that he could easily break the World Record but as he get extra sponsorship prizes, fame and rewards for every time he broke the World Record he would carry on increasing it by a an inch or 2 every year.

If it is just a publicity stunt and as anyone interested in watching or playing against nanonoko will have to go to pokerstars or (will it be PokerStars branded by any chance?) then in the future all PokerStars need to keep doing is increasing the max tables a person can play.

nanonoko randy lew world record most hands played attempt guiness pokerstars
nanonoko (Randy Lew) World Record attempt for most hands played

Future World Record attempt of most hands per hour

What will be sort of interesting in the future is those who come after to try and break the record. What will be even more interesting is if they can change how it is run or what the World Record is.

How about playing the games across different sites? How about they have to play a minimum amount of Holdem and Omaha tables at the same time? A mixed game World Record attempt would really show a players skill as they would have to actually think about things instead of being a live poker robot.


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