November Nine live stream and WPT Final Tables feed

November Nine live stream and WPT Season 10 live stream will delight the masses of poker railbirds but live streaming showing players hole cards, even if it is delayed by an hour, is still upsetting some of the poker professionals who consider it a way for players to cheat.

ESPN’s ‘live stream’ is actually a delayed live stream feed of 30 minutes but with the pace of live poker at the WSOP Final Tables and WSOP Main Event including the November Nine table this is only a few hands behind live play. As reported by pokerq4 before Daniel Negreanu used the WSOP live stream to gather important player metrics and use it against his opponents.

“The new format is a serious competitive disadvantage for the amateur player,” says Daniel Negreanu, a world-class player who used the “live” hole-card camera to defeat an amateur early in the tournament.
“I had someone texting me with physical tells while I was at the table,” Negreanu told The Post.
“There was a guy from St. Louise, an amateur, and I knew what he was capable of because I had a friend watching for me.
“Does he only bet when he has two aces, or can he be an aggressive bluffer? I can learn that from watching a single hand,” Negreanu says.

November Nine live stream free streaming information delayed cheating
November Nine live stream free information and cheating?

Now Erik Seidel has given his opinion through Twitter on the WSOP Novemeber Nine live stream and WPT Season 10 live stream debate.

This new idea of showing hole cards on a 1 hour delay is an awful trend. 1st wsop, now WPT. Its like sanctioned cheating

Why do top players consider the delayed live stream cheating? Players are able to see the hole cards and plays that they have not paid to see. It is live play data mining and it costs the other players nothing. When you consider that Isildur1 lost over $4 million in one day to two players who ‘cheated’ by combining hand histories of their play against him, information they had not paid to find out, then the live stream of the November Nine and WPT Final Tables is also cheating.

One of the absolute fundamentals of poker is not knowing what the other player had when you have to fold your hand. It is how poker players make money, by the other playing having to know what has beaten him when he knows he is beaten. Some of your biggest folds will live in your memory for years to come … what the fuck did he have? Now with the WPT and WSOP live stream it will not matter so much as you will get that information for free and it may not cost your tournament life.

WPT Live Stream

WPT Final Tables live stream feed Tony Dunst and Ali Nejad
WPT Final Tables live stream feed

WPT have just announced that they will be offering ‘live stream feed’ for every WPT Final Table for Season 10. It will be hosted by Tony Dunst and the play will be announced by Ali Nejad. The WPT Final Tables will of course have the standard live stream feed delay of 1 hour but its still, what before was priceless but can now be worked out by the players, free information on the players at the Final Table.

Even with Erik Seidel saying the delayed live stream feed is cheating poker players at the Final Table we wonder if he will protest by not playing in these events any more? Especially considering Erik Seidel’s purple patch or heater he is on at the moment with his tournament play.


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