Ongame 2 poker Network – why is Betsafe ON2?

Ongame 2 poker Network – why is Betsafe a ON2 skin on the new 2nd Ongame poker Network?

One of the main idea of Ongame2 appears to be to protect the casual/fish/recreational poker player. The more the fish and recreational players are protected the more the money just constantly switches between them instead of being cashed out by the Regulars. This means that the ON2 skins actually get more rake per $ deposited into ON2 and the Ongame 2 Network itself makes more profit.

Initially, surprisingly, Betsafe appears to be an Ongame 2 Network skin and not just an Ongame 1 skin. After further thought or online poker knowledge this is not a surprise.

Betsson, a massive Ongame skin and was perhaps one of the largest Ongame1 skins until non performance results in the past effected it badly – although there are rumours it is on the way back up. But still Betsson is a net depositor into the network with its Sportbook, Casino players and its marketing. This makes it a a healthy and very welcome Ongame2 skin. Betsson bought Betsafe for $60 million. Eventually all the profits from Betsafe make their way into the Betsson accounts and peoples bonuses and profits.

But Betsafe is known as as a net extractor from the original Ongame1 Network. So Betsafe and its players will be licking their lips at the chance to be invited into the exclusive Ongame2 Network fish pond.

betsafe ongame2 on2 poker site 2nd network
betsafe - Ongame2 (ON2) poker site - why? Shark in wolfs clothing?


Betsafe – Shark in sheep’s clothing?

The inclusion of Betsafe into the Ongame 2 poker Network (ON2) fold is a very strange decision and perhaps long term an absolute disaster. It puts at risk the whole point of the Ongame Network 2 and its worthy ideals to protect the casual player.

betsafe ongame 2 poker network skin list on2 on1 1
Betsafe is a Ongame 2 poker Network skin but is Betsafe a ON1 Wolf in ON2 sheep's clothing?

Ongame 2 may well be the future model for all other poker networks but Betsafe could be the silent killer gas that stops the Ongame 2 poker Network Canary from singing long, loud and proud.

Oh my Betsafe, what a big nose and teeth and you have?
All the better for sniffing out the fish and eating them.

All the other noble Ongame2 skins efforts, work, promotions and ideas that have gone behind Ongame2 may have been wasted by one simple move of including the raping and pillaging Betsafe players into the Ongame2 fold. It is like in the old days asking the Vikings to visit your country to boost tourism numbers.

Or making alcohol cheap, having cheap travel to your beautiful city, have pretty ladies, night clubs open late and then trying to advertise to and attract British Stag parties to help boost you tourism and appeal to all ages and people.

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