Ongame auto seating scripts (waiting list script) scandal

Ongame auto seating scripts (waiting list scripts) are used by some Ongame poker network regular players to give themselves a huge advantage over normal and rule abiding players.

The Ongame network removed waiting lists for cash tables to stop Sharks/Regs from waiting to be seated at an action table where a fish is spewing money. We have all seen this happen on other sites with waiting lists where the table in the lobby that has a high average pot has a very high number of players on the waiting list to join it.

To Ongames credit they removed the waiting lists to protect the fish and of course to protect their own long term profit but it was a good move. However, as money is involved some players will do anything to get their extra slice of the money pie.

Scripts are additional software programs that are not part of the core program, in this case the Ongame poker client and Ongame Servers etc. Think of them like a mobile phone App or a game Mod.

If players can not officially join a waiting list for a table with fish on then if you can create a script that allows you to create a virtual waiting list you are virtually guaranteed to get the first seat that becomes available. And that means huge +EV for you and those few other Regs who have the ability to auto seat before any one else can.

This is exactly what has been done with Ongame waiting lists script.

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Ongame auto seating scripts (waiting list scripts) scandal


Ongame auto scripts to be banned

As bwinparty are desperately trying to sell Ongame, as shown by the recent news that they have done a Lazarus on the old PokerRoom site, any further scandals like this are not welcome at all. The old adage that any news is good news is not the case here.


The Ongame auto scripts issue has been brought to the attention of Ongame skins, who have forwarded it to the network operator. Also, Ongame auto scripts programs like OngBetter have been brought to the attention of the poker world in forums such as 2+2, where they discuss those players they believe are using the auto seating script. This means that potential Ongame Network buyers might get to hear of it.

ongame auto waiting lists scripts ongbetter seating program mods apps network poker
OngBetter - Ongame network poker scripts (Mods)

OngBetter use to have the auto seating feature but on their forum say they have now removed the auto seating script feature.

Javi (Visitor): Hey there Santa happy new year, i was looking for a ongame software to multitable that has the option of auto seating when there is a emty seat on an opened table.

Im almost sure that some regulars of the network has something to help them to take the seat because the are lightning fast when someone leaves the table.. and happens all the time with the same users and they are playing 6+ tables.

i didnt see the option anywhere but do you plan on adding this feature?

santa (Admin): Ongame prohobit this function and we removed it.

Ongame have responded to the issue of the waiting list script scandal by saying that they are working on banning auto script programs in the future. Will it work? Will it continue to work long term or will it be a short term solution? Can you stop or keep on top of new script Apps? What has Ongames record of stopping scripts in the past and present been like?

Ongame poker bot scripts

Ongame are considered to be a poker bot infested network but not as bad as iPoker’s alleged poker bot issue. Even one of the Ongame now ex skins (Tower Gaming) publicly stating about the Ongame Network that

poker bot scripts ongame network
Poker bot scripts Ongame Network

The bitter Ongame attack by Tower Poker has to be put in context though as they had just been kicked of the Ongame Network for constantly offering illegally high rakeback deals. But it would have been risky for them to just make this up without any evidence or reason to believe that they could defend or justify that statement with some sort of evidence. And having been a skin on the Ongame Network they would have had access or seen poker bot activity.


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  • Tiago

    Iknow some bumphunters that use this software.its sick the advantage that they have.

    I reported some guys, and ongame dont do nothing.


    • PokerQ4

      It is shocking that they do nothing about it even if you report it. Then they wait until they want to sell the network before looking into the issue.

      From ongame/bwinparty workers we have information that ongame are finally going to do something about the auto seating scripts and look ‘further’ into poker bots scripts.

      Typical that it is done for their own gain and not to protect the players.

      • Tiago

        I Hope so.

        tired of that network…

  • Tiago

    Hello! 100% sure that the users without the actualuzacion keep using the program.

    They keep playing in ongame

  • Isuperior

    Just noticed something strange today. Thats how i found this thread. I wanted to reseat myself to get a better position on a fish and guess what happened. I had left the table for a split second – and another player had taken it. Even thouogh i had the table “ready” in the loby. It usually does not take me much longer than a double-click to reseat. So annoying.

  • Isuperior

    fuk this unfair shit – im leaving the site. happens time after time after time that when i try to reseat (which is matter of a split second a script using reg takes my place – and not any place -NO the best palce on the whole table.

  • Good news? the ongbetter site has not been renewed. Either the owner is enjoying the summer or did enjoy Vegas a bit to much, they cant be bothered any more or ongame have finally done something to reduce the effect of the auto scripts?

  • we have been told by a couple of players that some others might have used or are able to use autohotkey to create auto scripts for ongame, ipoker, partypoker and other poker sites and networks.

    we do not know if this is true, to what extent it can be used and how easy it is but this link shows some people are trying to use it even if its not for what others might consider cheating purposes