Party Poker and Bodog tables are not Anonymous!

Party Poker and Bodog anonymous tables are not Anonymous as players so called anonymous information can be revealed revealed – meaning it can be data mined and used by poker tracking software and HUDs! Exactly what was not meant to happen.

HHSmithy created an app and when they used this ‘PartyCrasher’ tool on Party Poker and Bodog cash game tables it reveals all the players information.

Even worse news is that for Bodog Anonymous tables and players their login account number is revealed!

party poker anonymous cash tables hack tool hhsmithy
Party Poker anonymous cash tables hack tool by HHSmithy - now you don't see them, now you do!

Party Poker anonymous tables. Not.

Party Poker’s anonymous tables have been proven to not be so anonymous if you have the know how or a little tool called ‘PartyCrasher’ developed by HHSmithy. Party Poker have changed their software coding so that on that on the Party Poker anonymous tables players can not see other players information. All players including yourself are seen as just a number.

partypoker anonymous tables not player information hacked revealed cash data mine hhsmithy mining huds trracking
Party Poker anonymous tables are not anonymous cash tables as player information revealed using HHSmithy tool

The problem appears to be that Party Poker have not changed the actual information sent out by its servers to the poker client and your PC or laptop. They still include all the same packets of information as before – like the players alias and what country they come from.

partypoker anonymous tables data mine hhsmithy holdem manager player information tracking tracked
Party Poker anonymous cash tables - anonymous player information revealed allowing for data mining

If you can see this not Anonymous table information on the Party Poker anonymous cash tables then you can data mine the information use PokerTracker, Holdem Manager and other player tracking software.

It seems that PartyPoker went the quick, lazy and cheap route when the created the Party Poker anonymous tables. Instead of spending time (money) on redeveloping the software properly to ensure the information sent out was totally anonymous they made it so your poker client did not display it.

Party Poker anonymous tables Super User account!

Although the Party Poker anonymous tables data mine app has only just been revealed who is to say that others have not already been using their own version of it? If someone has been running this then think of how much money they could have already won from the Party Poker anonymous cash tables? And if they gave it to a few friends …

It would be like having a Party Poker Super User account for the anonymous cash tables! You and those you shared it with would be the only ones able to use HUDs and data mine players information. It would literally be a license to print money.

Has this security lapse already been exploited? HHSmithy say it took them only 3 hours to create the app that allowed player information on the Party Poker anonymous tables to be revealed.

More information on Party Poker and Bodog not so Anonymous tables

HHsmithy post on How Anonymous Are The Party Poker Anonymous Tables? This has a lot more information about how they wrote the ‘PartyCrasher’ tool and how Party Poker sends the packets of player data information. Includes a lot more computer nerd speak.

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