Peter Eastgate signed as Betfair Poker pro

Peter Eastgate signed as Betfair Poker pro was the Chinese Poker Whisper that pokerQ4 confirmed a few days ago and now it is not a whisper any more, it is official news.

The move by Betfair Poker to sign Peter Eastgate as their New Breed of Poker Pro makes good sense for all involved, especially with the now regulated Danish Market.

It is also good timing with the WSOP coming up and he will be able to figurehead any WSOP Satellite promotions and giveaway that Betfair Poker are sure to do.

peter eastgate signed betfair poker pro signs professional sponsored
Peter Eastgate signed as Betfair Poker pro

Hopefully Peter Eastgate will have more success than the previous lot of Betfair sponsored pros, as you can read in our previous article about this poker news.



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