Phil Galfond leaves BlueFirePoker and its A Sad Day saga

Phil Galfond leaves BlueFirePoker training site but then it turns into an unnecessary saga as his leaving post was moved from his blog and his account on the site blocked!

Phil Galfond announced to the surprise of the poker world that he was to quit BlueFirePoker. He posted the news and his decision on his BlueFirePoker blog. This then seemed to be ‘removed’ by BlueFirePoker and a bit of poker chaos ensued as told by Phil Galfond on his Twitter account.

BlueFirePoker actually moved the ‘A Sad Day’ post to the BFP forum so they could answer members concerns and questions.

There was no mention by the site why Phil Galfond has been denied access to his blog, especially as he insists he will complete his duties and do another 4 poker training videos.

He did mention though that he would not be using his blog after the resignation post. Blocking peoples access is obviously standard security practice but perhaps ‘doing it by the book’ on this occasion may not have been the best move. Especially when BlueFirePoker – you would think – would do everything they can to get anything positive out of this.

phil galfond quits bluefirepoker twitter resigns scandal saga tweets
Phil Galfond quits BlueFirePoker - locked out of BFP so uses Twitter and 2+2 to update people

As these are Phil Galfond’s tweets they are posted in reverse order of how they happened as that’s how Twitter rolls (start at bottom and work your way up).


On the bright side, this all made me forget about my -100k morning.

I’ll have to find somewhere else to post my final 4 videos. I’m extremely embarrassed about all of this. I’m sorry guys.

I’m very confused right now. The password to my BlueFirePoker account has been changed. Any posts from now on are not from me.

My attempts to get my post back are failing. I’ve re-posted on 2+2. So so sorry guys.

Sorry for all the confusion.

In regards to my blog: It seems someone has moved my post to the BFP forums. I’ve contacted them and hopefully it will be re-posted soon.

Trying to reach them and get the original link restored.

Hmmm. My blog post was removed so that link isn’t working anymore. I’ll re-post somewhere.

A sad day:


Phil Galfond – A Sad Day on his BlueFirePoker Blog

Below is the start and end of his resigning message that Phil Galfond posted on his BlueFirePoker Blog

Hey Guys,

Where do I start? I guess there actually aren’t that many options… I’ll start with the point of this post, and go from there:

As of today, and I are parting ways. It’s very hard to walk away from something I helped build from the ground up, but the most difficult aspect of this is the fact that I’ll miss the community… the members and my fellow coaches. Please know that it was a very difficult decision that I struggled with for a long, long time. I’m sorry that I can’t elaborate further.

For the members, I’ll be making four more videos, and then saying my final goodbye. I’d like to try and customize these last four as much as possible for you guys, so please tell me exactly what you’d like to see or hear me talk about.

I’ll be discontinuing my blog here after this post. I don’t know if I’ll continue blogging somewhere, but for now you can follow me at I’ll work a little harder to keep it updated.

I guess then, this is goodbye.

Good luck, and take care, guys.



What now for BlueFirePoker?

phil galfond leaves bluefirepoker resigns quits blocked blog
Phil Galfond leaves BlueFirePoker - the start of the end for BFP?

What will now happen to BlueFirePoker and what will happen to its members and member numbers? Many people joined BlueFirePoker for Phil Galfonds training videos. As one of the most successful Omaha players you want to learn from the best. Those BFP members who have replied seemed to confirm this. Is this the start of the end for BlueFirePoker and will it turn out long term to be a very sad day for them?

Phil Galfond leaving BlueFirePoker posts

BlueFirePoker turning a Big Blind eye to its subscribers?
Phil Galfond quits then BlueFirePoker skeletons open shoved out of the closet?



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