WSOPME Phil Hellmuths Black Friday entrance

Today was the day when the full effect of pokers Black Friday was felt in a totally unexpected way at the 2011 WSOP Main Event.

There has been much talk of the expected number of player entrance numbers during the 2011 WSOP and especially the total entrance figure for WSOP Main Event. A lot of people suggested that with US players bankrolls locked up in Fult Tilt Poker entrance numbers would be down. Others suggested that, as the WSOP was the only real game in town for a lot of former online US players, they would show in higher numbers than expected.

Black Friday does not seem to have hurt or effected the WSOP, perhaps next year we may see the full effect, either for good or for bad. As much as it amazes those in the States, with headlines from Black Friday shouting and confirming that online poker was dead, there is the small mattter that the rest of the worlds population can still play online poker. As one of the more funny chants by the English railbirding at The Mothership went. “Hands up if you can play online.”

The main effects of Black Friday on the 2011 WSOP appears to have been the lack of Full Tilt Poker pros patched up and Phil Ivey not playing in a single event.

$10 Grande WSOP Main Event Entrance fee

One very bad or good effect of Black Friday was the traditional late entrance of Phil Hellmuth.  The Poker Brat has arrived very late in previous WSOP Main Events in the grandest of manors and dressed up in many fancy dress costumes, from Ceaser to a Boxing Champ.

The grandiose entrances by Phil Hellmuth where stage managed and planned properly. The cost of hiring the scantily clad ladies and equipment needed would have easily covered the WSOP Main Event buyins for 1 or 2 poker players. The year where he was turning up as a Nascar racing driver more so when Phil Hellmuth crashed the Nascar in the Rio carpark!

This years Phil Hellmuth Black Wednesday entrance was perhaps the saddest site to see and reflects the fact that he no longer has a sponsor to pay for him. Although with three 2nd places including a $1 million payday you would have thought he might have invested more than $10 in the man, the myth, the Brat to show he still has got it and more importantly that others should still want a piece of it.

phil hellmuth 2011 wsop entrance

Phil Hellmuth’s 2011 WSOP Main Event entrance consisted of him walking into the Rio while commentating on himself and the Main Event. He was asked to do it 3 times with different versions of lines so ESPN could choose which ones to use. How did Phil Hellmuth do after his $10 Grande entrance to the 2011 WSOP Main Event? At the end of the day he only had 11,000 chips but at least he was still in it to win it. Unlike Chris Moneymaker who has never cashed in the Main Event since he won it and this year was out in the first level when he called all ins with his pocket 3’s on a 10 9 J board when the other player had pocket 10’s …

How the mighty have fallen. But wouldn’t you, I or any ordinary poker player love the opportunity to be one of those fallen!


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