Poker cheats never prosper?

Cheating at Poker can take many forms, from the obvious, the suspected to the utterly undetectable. Not only is Poker cheating the result of physical actions it can also involve financial gains.

We have especially heard in the last year the surprise of people who use poker coaching sites or coaches who have live access to their game play or computer and have then been scammed by someone they only know through poker.

There have long been Chinese Poker Whispers about Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen and his hordes of poker trainees who have to either dump chips to him or fold when he re raises them, which is in effect the same thing.

Drew McIlvain was recently involved in the strangest of Chip dumping cases if his story is true, when he was disqualified from a tournament and banned from the Casino. This happened when a stranger spoke to him about giving Drew McIlvain his short stack at the end of the days play.

These are forms of cheating or collusion at Poker that we have had to put up with for years now but will there soon be a new form?

poker cheats never prosper
Poker cheats never prosper?

Poker cheats never financially prosper?

Another form of cheating at Poker and one that may come more and more into force is the betting of the results of Poker tournaments. As Poker seems to attract scandal and some scum it is only a matter of time before we are embroiled in a Poker betting scandal.

With the large odds for a Poker player to win any tournament, the amount of money that can be won from backing the outright winner are huge. As long as the ROI is large enough – huge prizepool or prestigious bracelet – then paying a few people to dump their chips to your player may be worth it. Or even offering then a small % of your winnings.

Even the ‘last longer’ prop bets made between high stakes players could be a temptation, especially with the amount of money involved. If Carl Froch can influence when people get knocked out then 2 poker players on the same table could also. Although he later denied it as a throwaway comment …

Anything and everything can happen and will happen in poker. We are sure this has already happened but with there now being large Poker betting markets on the results of Poker tournaments the scandal is only a matter of time or hands away.


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