Project Management

Planning and timing is everything

Employing the “Agile” Project Management System, we can show you how to manage all aspects of large-scale projects. Such as migrations of your online poker room or White Label to an online poker network from both an operational and marketing perspective, and ensuring it is delivered to deadline.

Online Project Management is not just about poker skins or White Label migrations it can involve any development of your poker skin – new products to cross sell and diversify … new teams or employees within your poker company such as a new Fraud and Security department.

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Project Management for online poker skins and White Labels from our igaming and Poker Consultants

Online Poker Project Management

Our Poker Consultants have hands on experience of working in or Management of most aspects of the online poker industry and they can help you to manage any new projects.

The companies you are going to potentially partner with will always tell you their product or services are the best. They can not all be telling the truth? The pokerQ4 Consultancy team will give you an honest and, also vitally important, an experienced opinion on the truth and best options for your poker company.

The pokerQ4 Consultants can give you a Poker Site and not just anoher poker skin. For further information on how we can help your online igaming business grow through such services as our Project Management expertise please visit our Poker Consultants page or contact pokerQ4.