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What’s that in your pocket or are you pleased to see us? Maywood brothers arrested in Bahamas after not declaring poker tournament cash winnings (North Jersey)

Sean Ruane, 18, and Michael Ruane, 23, told a U.S. customs officer that they were not in possession of funds exceeding $10,000 even though they actually were carrying $26,158 in dollars and British pounds, according to The Tribune newspaper.

The cash was a percentage of more than $1 million in winnings from a poker tournament at the Atlantis Resort, the newspaper said.

Total surrender by the Ira? Black Friday Payment Processor Ira Rubin pleads guilty (pokerQ4)

USA Pay to play poker room raided at 7.30 PM by Police so there would not be to many player in there (The News Gazette)

Having information that the games usually start around 6:30 or 7 p.m. and run until 3 or 4 a.m., officers opted to go around 7:30 p.m. while the number of gamblers was manageable.

“We patted everybody down. All the currency was seized. Some people didn’t have any money. Maybe they weren’t winners that night. Some had quite a bit of money on them,” Paulus said.

The $3,000 cash “was secreted away in different locations,” he said, explaining that Petticrew had money on him and another wad of cash was found stuffed inside a machine designed to clear the room of cigarette smoke.

Paulus said there was no cash on the playing tables, just lots of chips and cards.

American man arrested in the poker room of The Meadows Race Track and Casino for fraud (Mountain Statesman)

Joran Van der Sloot murder trial as he pleads guilty to murdering female poker player in Peru.

Another Abingdon person guilty of operating illegal poker game from his home (Tri Cities)

3 Nigerian Christian poker players shot dead in drive by killing (The Daily Star – Lebanon)

Jonathan Duhamel house invasion (robbery) Court Case latest

Puerto Rico poker room robber gets 10 years for $2,000 hold up that he lost at another poker room (Saipan Tribune)

American Poker game murderer just happened to have a gun laying on the table when he killed someone who grabbed his chips! (The Citizens’ Voice)

Abingdon man takes house rake over $50,000 in illegal home games where players were losing up to $20,000 a night (WSLS)

Jonathan Duhamel attacked in his home (Card Player)

EPT Berlin robbers sentenced (Sports Interaction)

Absolute Poker owner Brent Beckley pleads guilty and may get up to 18 months (Pokerati)

Poker crime stories: Illegal poker games in vacant Tamuning spa helped to money launder $1.5 million (Gaum PDN)

Poker crime stories: Its not poker but it involves a funny casino ‘crime’ so its interesting anyway – man withdraws over $1.5 million from ATM’s in Casino’s after bank software mistake! (Det news)

Poker crime news: Zosoz Poker site used as collateral in bank swindle by Michael Ogren (Twin Cities)

Poker crime news: Down to the wire? UBS Securities Director committed fraud of over $600,000 to fund his gambling and poker addiction (Online Poker Net)

Poker crime stories: Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet – entire database published online. Info on prop shills used to entice people to deposit (Examiner)

Poker crime stories: Haley’s Poker Blog – the investigative account of the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet scandal with lots of inside information

Poker crime news – No security at UBS Securities as Director wire transfers himself over $600k to fund gambling and poker addiction.

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Poker crime news – 3 men raid home game and steal $10,000 in jewelry, cash and cell phones (Hudson Reporter)

Poker crime news – Whiskey argument turns sour as Police office gives a real poker bad beat in a Thanksgiving poker home game! (WBTV)

Poker crime news – Joran van der Sloot accused of murder and may have murdered 2 people. Accused of murdering Stephanie Flores in Lima, Peru when playing the Latin American Poker Tour. Joran van der Sloot then sues Chile and other people (CNN)

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