Poker crime news – No security at UBS Securities?

Poker crime news – Shawn Reilly gambling addict and a Director of UBS Securities has been found guilty of fraud and wire transferring over $600,000 to his personal account to fund his gambling, sports betting and poker games.

Shawn Reilly has been sentenced to a 33 month jail sentence and ordered to pay back all of the money for his gambling and poker crime!

Good luck on that – as either he has earned enough money so that he has saving or more likely he will need to start gambling again to try to win enough to cover his gambling and poker crimes as he must have lost the lot?

Describing how his gambling got worse, he said that over the last 4 years he started to bet up to $1000 on each sports bet, play poker cash games 3 times a week with a $500 buyin and then go on gambling frenzy road trips to Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other places. Each gambling road trip would cost up to $10000.

“The progressive deterioration was so intense that I was sleeping on 2-3 hours a night several times a week so I could stay at card games to fuel my need to be in action.”

poker crimes news ubs securities gambling fraud
Poker crimes news - UBS Securities gambling fraud by Shawn Reilly

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