Poker Networks ‘steal’ 10% of players winnings

Whenever a Poker Network or Room that still runs Bad Beat Jackpots pay out the BBJ they usually charge you the players 10% Administration Fee. What for? The recent record breaking Merge Network BBJ Admin Fee was over $100,000. That’s a lot of Administration.

Then you have to think about the total Administration Fees collected on all the Bad Beat Jackpots on all the Poker Networks and Sites over all the years …

poker crimes bad beat jackpots payouts

Your money for nothing and your chips for free

If you look at it another way any poker Bad Beat Jackpot running site or Network is raping its players of an extra 10% rake on top of what you already pay on the table, for everyone else apart from those lucky few on the BBJ winning table.

The Bad Beat Jackpot cash prize itself does not cost the site/network anything as it is your extra ultra high ‘rake’ that contributes to the BBJ. You the players even seed the BBJ from the last BBJ that they took 10% of the total prizepool from that you …

With all the cashout out restrictions and delays on the Merge Poker Network their may be some extra Bad Beat Jackpot Administration fees but did it really cost them over $100,000 the last time to process the payments?

Or does their BBJ cost them money directly or indirectly, which is why they and other poker BBJ sites have to take the 10% Fee? If it does then why not say that and be transparent and honest in this post Black Friday Full Tilt Poker world we know live and play in?

Bad Beat Jackpot payouts – read the large print

Not that they are hiding it from you as its all in plain site. Even this Bad Beat Jackpot payout graphics shows the 10% that Merge Gaming take.

online poker bad beat jackpot payout

They and other Poker Sites or Networks have nothing to hide or to be embarrassed about as visually 10% of the BBJ looks exactly as shown.

And of course the figure is never the amount shown as they also use 20% of the BBJ prize money to reseed the Jackpot so you are playing for 30% less than advertised.

Bad Beat Jackpots Admin Fee – who cares?

But then again no one on the poker forums like twoplustwo or poker news sites (who have a moral Duty of Care to protect or inform their readers) seems to care or complain. Have you ever read on a poker news site or report on the latest or record breaking Bad Beat Jackpot payout an actual warning, protest or disgust at the House Admin Fee?

But if the players do not complain or protest by stop playing on them then have the BBJ Poker Networks and Rooms done anything wrong? Or are they knowledgeable Willing Victims happy to pay the price for that chance to win a life changing sum of money?


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