Poker News Editors

Poker News Editors team for represent a full ZX81 Spectrum of the live and online gambling industry. Our expertise covers Sport Betting, Casinos, Poker and Bingo.

Some of our Poker News Editors have been in the industry before rakeback. They have seen and done most things apart from doing a Full Tilt with players bankrolls and dreams.

the pokerq4 news team:

Cornelius ‘THEMAN’ Bullen – Bullen by name and Bullen by nature. Are names a self fulfilling prophecy and does Cornelius Bullen prove it? Gold, Moneymaker were seemingly destined to win the WSOP Main Event, and Bullen? Well he is full of it on and off the tables. He is our Chief ¬†US Editor located in Las Vegas and is known in the business as Mr Affiliate.

Fredrik ‘Mr Popping’ Gustafsson – pops all around the world for his job helping to run easily the largest online poker network Europe. He is the Mr Fraud and Security of said network – so if your name is not down on the list you are not coming in. And if it is on another list you are not coming in. When he is not Popping all over the place for work he likes nothing better than a good bit of Popping in his spare time.

Darren ‘Mr Fox’ Fox – As cunning as a fox who’s just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University. Mr Fox is our Casino and Bingo expert and Editor. Which shows how clever and cunning he is as we do mainly poker, so he hardly has to do everything apart from shouting out the window “2 fat ladies” and other Bingo or Casino terminology. Mr Fox is also renowned in the poker industry as the expert on mobile gaming technology, coming to your phone now or very soon.

Zak ‘PenFold’ Vella – Our expert of all things Maltese and Italian. One of the main people responsible for opening up the Italian market and bringing the joys of Enetpoker Network to the rest of the world. For which one day Zak will be knighted. Also known in the Content writing business as ‘Mr Google Translate’ as he can speak and write in more languages than it can.

Peter-Paul ‘PeterPaul’ Peter-Paul – His mum could not work out what she wanted to call him out of Peter or Paul so she double barreled his first name and that is all he has been known as since. PeterPaul works for Entraction or whatever they will be called every few years. He is a finance genius which is very lucky considering that is his job for them. His other skill is promotions and if you want to know if its worth the Return Of Investment for a promotion then there is no point speaking to anyone else.

Chase ‘DeVorgan’ Morgan
– Our French or Canadian expert, we are not sure which he is and it does not really matter. The man who keeps our Poker News Editors team together. The cog in the wheel, the Ace in the wheel. Chase works for the Kahnawake Gambling Commission so life is never boring for him. An expert on White Label Start ups and Turnkey providers and solutions.