Poker subscription sites

Poker subscription sites that also allow American players to play online poker are growing rapidly. Some poker subscription sites have been around for a while, some subscriptions sites have started and failed but a lot of others are just starting up.

How Poker subscription sites work is you pay a monthly subscription to play poker and compete for prizes in poker leaderboards and poker tournaments. You do not wager any of your own money or cash, so there are no winners or losers in theory.

This appears to make it 100% legal and safe for American players, although who knows if there is another DOJ surprise around the corner but it looks very unlikely as even the WPT brand have the ClubWPT subscription site .

Online poker subscription sites are perhaps the safest way for US players to keep playing online poker, without risking your bankroll. The other benefit of them is that you can not go on tilt and lose a fortune, as you never gamble with your own money as such.

poker subscription sites reviews lists us american players
poker subscription sites reviews and lists for US (American) players

American poker subscription sites


poker subscription sites us american players clubwpt
ClubWPT - poker subscription site for US (American) players

One of the most safe and secure subscription poker sites along with the best brand is This subscription based poker site is part of the World Poker Tour company (PartyPoker). You do not get more official than that.

ClubWPT poker are offering a 2 week free registration trial!

The ClubWPT subscription poker site is advertised as 100% legal, safe and secure. The reason it is 100% legal is that players make no deposits, which is the illegal part about online poker for poker sites that accept US players. If you are an American looking to play legal online poker then with over $100,000 in prizes per month then ClubWPT is one of the best places to play.

At the moment ClubWPT are offering a 2 week free registration trial! So you can play online poker for 2 weeks without it costing you a dime!


subscription poker sites reviews freefoldpoker us players american
freefoldpoker - subscription poker site

The recently launched with Jamie Gold as its figure head is also another poker subscription site that allows Americans to legally play online poker again.

Chili Poker subscription site

chili poker subscription sites american players american
Chili Poker subscription site for US (American) players

Chili Poker have been planning a Chili poker subscription site since at least November 2010, as mentioned by Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO fo Chiligaming in his blog. How many US players are interested in playing on subscription sites and not with the thrill and adrenaline of gambling money on each hand.


theonlypoker online subscription sites us american players facing
theonlypoker - online poker subscription site

Another subscription poker site is This is a new poker site and brand, so it will be interesting to see how and if it works and operates. TheOnlyPoker is still in Beta and have plans to welcome American players but it is not 100% confirmed that they will allow US players. One to watch.

TheOnlyPoker is their own software so it is unique. It has some interesting features and ideas and is a bit ‘cartoony’ which can make it a fun place to play.

CalShark poker

CalShark poker free for Americans and non US players
CalShark poker free for Americans and non US players

CalShark poker is another subscription poker site that allows US players to play poker. Read the full CalShark poker site review here.

US subscription poker sites – the past and future problems

It has not always been good news for poker subscription sites, one of the previous ones was that stopped operating and was migrated to cardplayer poker, although it still operates as a subscription based poker sites.

The other question for these poker subscription sites is when will the American poker market open up again? When it does will it kill their subscription base over night or will people remain loyal to this format?


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