Occupy PokerStars – PokerStars are the Daddy now

The PokerStars mass sitout protest organised by multi table grinders on the poker forums appeared to be an Epic Fail.

The mass sitout protest by PokerStars grinders was due to the site changing to a weighted contributed rake/rakeback/vip scheme instead of the very old school dealt contributed rake method.

The sitout did happen but PokerStars showed who the Daddy was and a lot of the sitout protestors had to come crawling and grovelling back to PokerStars

As suggested by pokerQ4 the mass sitout would not work. Why did the protestors think it would work? A touch of reality needs to come into effect for some poker players as who do they think they are in the grand scheme of things?

They openly and not secretly try to disrupt a business from operating and then get all angry, surprised and indignant when PokerStars protect their own business?

pokerstars sitout protest epic fail
PokerStars sitout protest epic fail


PokerStars sitout Epic Fail

The sitout was planned in the open on the forums so maybe PokerStars knew what was coming? People were planning to disrupt not just PokerStars but also other innocent players.

So lets work this out … these players are going to stop PokerStars from making money and they are going to stop other players from playing poker – and the reason? Because PokerStars was changing the rake system so those players who actually pay and play the hands would get rewarded but the grinders would not get rewarded for someone elses work and money put into the hand and the poker economy.

You then do this in public and expect PokerStars to bend over, spread their legs and say “Please big boys, fuck us in public”.

PokerStars used the ‘Ace up the sleeve’ of limiting protesting sitout players so they could only sitout at one table or blocking the players account.

PokerStars show that they know what they are doing. Of all the online poker sites PokerStars have constantly shown that they not only have some of the best people in the business but they actually listen to them.

PokerStars have shown that their business strategy is about protecting their poker economy long term. You do not remove the SNG DON’s for no reason than to stop the grinders.

The PokerStars mass sitout epic fail shows that the grinders have not realised the long term strategy of PokerStars. The multi tablers modi operandi is to not think about each individual opponent but do the same thing repeatedly in each situation. This was seen when they came up against PokerStars and not other online poker sites.


Legs. Tail. Between.

After PokerStars amazingly enough protected themselves and their other players the PokerStars sitout protestors then had to email PokerStars to get the max table cap limit removed or their accounts unblocked. And a lot of them did.

PokerStars called their bluff and the players found out that it was PokerStars who have the power, PokerStars who hold the keys to their poker livelyhoods. PokerStars in this particular battle who were the Daddy.

This is the email players received from PokerStars.

Recently you were limited to playing only one ring game table at a time due to your participation in a mass sit-out at PokerStars tables. Your actions were in violation of section 1.1 of the PokerStars Terms of Service that states:

“Subject to the terms and conditions contained herein PokerStars grants the User a non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable right to install and use the PokerStars poker software (“Software”) in order to access the PokerStars servers and play the poker games (the “Games”) available (the Software and Games together being the “Service”).”

You were also in violation of ring games rules 10 and 11 that state:

10: In general players are expected to be seated with the purpose of playing
11: At tables with more than two seats:
-It is acceptable to be seated but occasionally deny action in certain circumstances, such as being seated to help start a new ring game but not wanting to play heads-up.
-It is not acceptable to remain sitting out at a table (especially an active one) waiting for one of only a few preferred opponents to arrive or sit in.
-In general, seated players are expected to accept action much more often than they refuse it.

We will be happy to reinstate your ability to play up to 24 ring game tables at a time if you provide confirmation that you have read and agree to abide by our Terms of Service and ring game rules. Any future violations of these rules may result in more severe and longer lasting consequences.

If you would like your privileges restored, please first read our Terms of Service and ring game rules:


Then reply to this email stating ‘I Agree’ to signify that you have read both the ToS and ring game rules and agree to follow them.

Thank you for playing at PokerStars.


PokerStars Poker Room Management

Mass sitouts may have worked elsewhere but PokerStars are the Daddy in the online poker world now. The mass sitout epic fail helped them to flex their muscles and get their tools out and has shown other sites how to handle these in future. So another thing to add to the fail lists. It was a very simple Kettle strategy for sitout protestors.


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