PokerStars Micro Millions: over $1 Million guaranteed per $100 Buyin

PokerStars Micro Millions 3 is running from 15th to 25th November with $5 Million guaranteed over the 100 events. The Buyin+Fee total is $420 for all 100 tournaments combined, over $1 Million guaranteed per $100 worth of Buyins and Fees! PokerStars Micro Millions is truly an event for the people and low stakes players.

The lowest Buyins are from $0.11 with $10,000 guaranteed and most tournaments are either very micro, $3 or $5 with guaranteed prize pools between $30,000 to $75,000. The issue with the more micro millions tournaments is that the entrants numbers will be huge and even the PokerStars famed non turbo turbo tournaments will take a large chunk of your day or night.

micro millions bonus pokerstars

The more non Micro Millions tournaments have Buyins of $8.80 and $11 but will sometimes not mean smaller fields. These Buyins come into play for those who deem that the smaller events are beneath them or do not want to waste hours of their life beating 48,964 people and get into the top 200 to cash for $1.87.

PokerStars Micro Millions Main Event

The PokerStars Micro Millions Main Event is $22 Buyin with $1,000,000 guaranteed!

acoimbra PokerStars Micro Millions challenge

For those thinking of playing all 100 of the PokerStars Micro Millions 3 tournaments take a look and read about acoimbra PokerStars Micro Millions 2 challenge. It’s an eye opener. Which is more than could be said for Andre Coimbra after he had completed his challenge!

Andre Coimbra pokerstars micro millions 2 challenge


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