PokerStars PIN for your extra security

PokerStars PIN is extra security to protect your account from hacking or even if your laptop is virus, trojan horse or keylogger infected.

What is the PokerStars PIN account security feature?

A “PokerStars PIN” is a 6 digit security number issued by PokerStars for your account, in addition to your password.

Once a PokerStars PIN is enabled for your account, you will be required to enter your PokerStars PIN using a virtual keypad (number pad on the screen), every time you login to PokerStars.

pokerstars pin account security number feature login
PokerStars PIN account security and login feature


PokerStars PIN account and login security

The use of the PokerStars PIN enhances account security by providing an additional validation number, which helps to prevent you from being exposed to certain types of phishing and social media scams.

The PokerStars PIN feature is used through the dynamic virtual keypad. This feature protects you from some malicious Spy Ware and Trojan Horse programs designed to capture your keystrokes when you login from unsecure or public computers in places such Airports, Pubs or Internet Cafes. As you do not physically type the numbers in using your own keyboard they can not scrape or log your security number.

To further enhance security the numbers themselves change position every time you try to login to the PokerStars client using the PokerStars PIN security feature.

pokerstars pin login security number poker client feature virtual keypad keylogger
PokerStars PIN Number login security system

You can enable the PokerStars PIN on your account by clicking on the ‘Account’ menu then ‘Login Settings’ and following the relevant prompts. For more information on what it is and how to create your PokerStars PIN please click here.

When is a PIN not a PIN Number?

When is a PIN not a PIN Number? When you meet our mate.

One word of warning, although the full phrase has entered the English and American language it is not a PokerStars PIN Number, as PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. If you say PokerStars PIN Number you are in theory saying PokerStars Personal Identification Number Number. But everyone says PIN Number.

Not that the writers of pokerQ4 enshrine themselves as Defenders of the Queens English and struggle with basic English grammar stuff but, when you wake up in the ambulance on the way to the hospital after saying PIN Number to some random chap, like this bloke did above, you will know he is a friend of ours.


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