@Pokerstars: #WBCOOP

At pokerQ4.com we believe we have a certain je ne sais quoi. We may not always be first to the punch like Poker News, and we may not have the finest women on our pages like Wicked Chops, although we certainly give it a try as this news item shows.

We always tell it like it is though, whatever else we do, and you can be pretty sure that you’ll struggle to find Magical Trevor videos on other so called poker sites.

And lo, we finally get to the point. Pokerstars will soon be running the WBCOOP – the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker which starts on February 23rd and culminates with a $5,000 Main Event on March 4th. More details can be found here but just don’t try and steal our blinds – or we’ll kill you. Good luck.


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