PokerStarsZoomPoker or Zoom Poker?

PokerStarsZoomPoker or Zoom Poker? It seems a strange question about PokerStars rumoured new Rush Poker style poker game but it is an intriguing one, actually very important when its an online issue and the answer could be rather surprising.

PokerStars were said to be launching their version of BlitzPoker but the name appears to have been changed to ZoomPoker back in November.

In November 2011 PokerStars registered the domain and they also tried through a 3rd party to purchase without success.

With the apparent evidence that the powers in charge of PokerStars decided to switch to ZoomPoker still only based on one article by Pokerfuse and our pokerQ4 investigation into and nothing official, is there any other evidence to back it up?

And will it be PokerStarsZoomPoker or PokerStars ZoomPoker or just Zoom Poker?

PokerStarsZoomPokercom or Zoom Poker rush Poker PokerStars
PokerStarsZoomPoker or PokerStars ZoomPoker or Zoom Poker? PokerStars Rush Poker for Italy?

In the month of October PokerStars also purchased the domain and because not many Italians would have grabbed that website name they were able to get their new poker game product and website name of choice.

This was done by the company who seem to be the PokerStars Domain Managers, based in London. The same people who are involved in and most if not all other website and domain name purchases.

It is very interesting that they bought at the end of October and not in November, as we will explain in our next PokerStars ZoomPoker article.

zoompokerit pokerstars it rush poker domain website PokerStars Rush Poker for Italians? PokerStars Rush Poker for Germany?

If you are going to launch a new product you try to get as many TLD’s (Top Level Domains) as you can and PokerStars also bought at the end of October 2011.

zoom poker de pokerstars rush poker germany germans PokerStars Rush Poker for Germans?


PokerStars ZoomPoker or Zoom Poker?

Now we come back to the question of if it is going to be known as PokerStars ZoomPoker or Zoom Poker by itself?

As PokerStars amazingly do not own the domain it is one of the most important questions. If they go with ZoomPoker that is.

PokerStars marketing will depend on it and so will all the Poker Affiliates living off PokerStars new Rush Poker. How or what do you SEO when you do not know which it is? Will poker players go for and type in ‘PokerStars Zoom Poker’ or just ‘Zoom Poker’? Which website would you click on?

zoompoker pokerstars zoom poker site website domain rush poker full tilt
PokerStars Zoom Poker or

All the evidence appears to be it will be known as Zoom Poker but with slightly different marketing for your specific country. For the ROW (Rest Of the World) it may have to be and not only

In our next ZoomPoker article pokerQ4 will explain further about the scenario and what it means to the owners, PokerStars and the players.

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