A force for good? Or a force for evil? – Part 1

In a analysis two-part special, we take a look at; discussing the pros and cons of the largest online poker affiliate in the world and one of the most profitable companies in the history of online poker.

For those of you not familiar with, I suspect you should probably be reading, but for everyone else please read on…

PokerStrategy founder and CEO, Dominik Kofert, 30, is often described as the most powerful man in the online poker industry.  A mathematics and philosophy graduate destined for a career in Business Management, Kofert founded the online behemoth that is PokerStrategy from his university dorm room, ostensibly to discuss hands and poker strategy with like-minded individuals, and has never looked back since.

dominik kofert pokerstrategy ceo
Dominik Kofert, founder and CEO

Outstripping the mighty 2+2 by an astonishing 35%, in terms of traffic, today PokerStrategy is by far and away the most visited online poker site on the net, and boasts a membership of 5.5 million players.

So, just what it is that makes online poker players from all over the world flock to, and the biggest brand names in online poker bend over and think of [insert country here] to do business with them?

All that glitters ain’t necessarily gold, people… Find out in Part 2 what we think, as we debate whether is a force for good in online poker, or a force for evil.

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