PokerStrategy – US subscription memberships now welcome

PokerStrategy – US subscription memberships from US poker players are now welcome into the foremost Poker Training site, after PokerStrategy changed its Business Model.

PokerStrategy had previously not allowed US players to be members of its Poker Training school due to legality issues after the UIGEA. As PokerStrategy members pay for their membership through the rake revenue they generate with partner poker sites, it was legally dodgy to have PokerStrategy American members. Also there was no real way to earn a profit from US players if they could not be affiliated.

With the introduction of PokerStrategy US subscription memberships instead of rake revenue membership, this allowed the door to be opened US members as PokerStrategy are not encouraging their US members to play on poker sites and they themselves are not earning any revenue from what the US deem are illegal activities.

PokerStrategy US subscription memberships now welcome
PokerStrategy US subscription memberships now welcome

Combining this news with all the US subscription poker sites now appearing and the online poker world, in a fashion, is opening up again for US poker players.

The subscription membership option is also available to non US players, meaning those that could not previously play the volume required to get the higher level access and training can now buy their way to the best poker training available.

PokerStrategy US membership subscriptions costs

Silver membership @ $7 per month
Gold membership @ $30 per month
Diamond membership @ $333 per month

PokerStrategy membership worth it? Ask Pius Heinz!

Are the monthly membership costs worth it? PokerStrategy has over 5 million members and growing and its members seem to do very well, especially the Germans. They dominate PokerStrategy affiliated poker sites rake races/leaderboards and if you sit down at certain cash table levels half the seats will be “Germany”.

Pope Pius Heinz who just won the 2011 WSOP Main Event has been a PokerStrategy member since 2007 … how much PokerStrategy actually had to do with Pius Heinz success only he will know.


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