Rear Entry tournaments?

I don’t know much about history, biology, a science book, geography, trigonometry, algebra, a slide rule or much about poker but am I the only one who sees what this is not? And how desperate must you be to promote and even try to spin this and defend it?

Winning Poker Network (the old True Poker Network) have announced that their sites such as Americas Cardroom and True Poker are launching a “revolutionary tournament feature”. It is called a Re Entry poker tournament or RE tournament.

The amazing RE poker tournament idea is that when you get knocked out of these, you can start again with a new stack of chips on a new table.

Apart from being seated on a new table are these not just rebuy tournaments?

re entry tournaments rear entry
Re-entry tournaments or rear entry tournaments?

Americas Cardroom spokesman Michael Harris notes that Re-Entry Tournaments differ from rebuy tournaments because only players who bust out of a tournament are eligible to re-enter. What’s more, players will be taken to a brand new table once they’ve re-entered to battle new players who might not be familiar with their playing style.

What about the fact that you pay for information? And The Hendon Mob rebuy tournament tactic of filling a table with your chips hoping to win most of them back and have a monster stack?

Are these Re Entry tournaments not the same as playing a rebuy tournament where you can only rebuy if you have zero chips?

Of course it is not Silly Billy, it is the all new Rear Entry tournament.


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