Table Ninja Full Tilt Poker (TableNinjaFT)

Table Ninja Full Tilt Poker is an auto script poker software package that enables various features for you to get more out of playing on Full Tilt Poker than those players who do not use it. Now with PokerStars FTP back up and running Table Ninja Full Tilt Poker will be back in use by lots of players.

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As you can see from the automatic actions features and options that TableNinjaFT offers it can save players vital seconds. Perhaps more importantly it means you can keep your concentration on the hands and tables you are playing at that moment. One of the best bits of the software for cash games is the calculation of bets for you when you are in the BB and their are limpers in the pot and other situations like that.

Table Ninja Full Tilt Poker is a serious bit of poker auto script software for multi tabler grinders.

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Table Ninja Full Tilt Poker features

Automatic waiting list manager
Auto script seating for waiting list cash tables
Automatically clicks the Deal Me In button (Never Sit Out)
Sit Out Next Hand on all tables
Auto-Post Blinds on all tables
Automatically starts your Time Bank
Auto script and hot key fixed percentage betting size or multiples of Big Blind calculation for pre flop, flop, turn and river
Bet, Call and Fold hotkeys
Automatic tournament register

tableninjaft poker auto script software full tilt poker software ftp

TableNinjaFT good or bad for poker?

If its ‘fair’ for Full Tilt Poker players to use automatic decision making and auto script software like TableNinjaFT is another matter that people will disagree on. Similar to the Ongame Networks issue with their waiting list auto script players. Is it Ongames or FTPs fault for not having the options in their software available for everyone?


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