TCOOP = PokerStars on Charlie!

PokerStars has finally gone and done it and are launching its Turbo and Hyper Turbo Championship Of Online Poker!

The TCOOP will be sprinting from 19 – 29 January 2012 on PokerStars and includes all the types of tournaments and variations you can imagine.

tcoop 2012 poker stars turbo tournaments hyper january
TCOOP 2012 PokerStars turbo tournaments


PokerStars Turbos are heaven on earth

The best thing about TCOOP is that PokerStars say they are Turbo tournaments when – due to the PokerStars blinds structure – they are slightly quicker than most normal tournaments on other sites and networks. This means while others go into crazy Turbo mode you can actually still play decent poker with no need to panic.

All you need to do is create #WINNING hands and opportunities by trying to steal more often and picking your 3betting spots. No need to go mad but you have to pick up pots without a showdown more often than normal.

tcoop pokerstars turbo championship of onlne poker
TCOOP PokerStars - Turbo Championship Of Onlne Poker - January 2012


TCOOP for my bunghole?

TCOOP is having lots of Hyper Turbo tournaments which are Crack compared to Charlie. One of the reasons why PokerStars Turbo tournaments are so popular is that the ultra boring rocks can not just wait for Aces or AK, they actually have to sometimes take risks and force the action.

Hyper Turbos are perfect for those who love action or have attention issues. There are certain strategies you must follow and although it is a crap shoot as such if you know how to play them properly then you have a huge +EV on all the TCOOP Hyper Turbo tournaments or satellites you enter.


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