Test Match Poker

Was the 2012 Main Event Final Table when down to the last 3 boring? Will it put the poker curious man in the street off from wanting to try his hand and luck at poker?

The final 3 took nearly 12 hours to play out and that was over 11 hours of 3 handed before the very brief heads up wham bam ending which confirmed Greg Merson as the 2012 WSOP Main Event Champion. Was this too long and should anything be done to shorten it? Can anything be done to shorten it?

The WSOP and the Main Event is the biggest tournament event on earth and its structure represents this. Starting stack of 30,000 chips, 2 hour blind levels and over a week to finish. The WSOP is the Test Match of poker and not a Twenty20 game. You pay or voluntarily watch this poker tournament knowing its going to take days to play and that the final 3 table battle could take half a day. You and many others may not want it to last hours and hours but it can.

test match poker 2012 wsop main event final table 3 three record

The 2012 WSOP Main Event final 3 was pure Test Match Cricket with the added bonus that their had to be a result and it couldnt end in a draw after 5 days of play. Some of the best Cricket Test Matches have been draws, which is strange to many other nations. How can it be great if after 5 whole days its a draw? For those who watched it who can ever forget the 1st Test of the 2009 Ashes series at Cardiff when Monty Panesar somehow batted for the draw and this draw eventually helped England to win the Ashes series?

Test Match Cricket is a sporting symphony with each ball, run, wicket, over, session and day adding to the physical and entertainment score. And the Main Event final 3 is similar.

This years Main Event final 3 was a show of modern tournament poker with players of fairly equal skill and respect battling it out. Without the poker gods stepping in to bad beat or cooler someone. And literally long may it continue.


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